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Yummy Pedals
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+30 697 229 9282
PO Box 844,
Ano Mera Mykonos
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Yummy Pedals

Yummy Pedals

Engage with a fascinating mixture of experiences while exploring Mykonos island on a bike! Take the time to inhale the freedom offered by a cycling adventure and capture each moment with all your senses sharpened.
What a combination! Sunkissed routes through the rural countryside of the island. A glimpse over Mykonos’ hidden gems and pristine beaches. An insight into Mykonian religious, culinary and rural tradition. The sun’s dazzling light mirrored over the azure waters of the Aegean sea. Stress-free, leisurely and fun family tours as well as awe-inspiring, scenic bike rides on steep inclines at the mountain top. The best solution for cruise passengers with limited time but great desire to explore. And, as a treat in the end, a quaint vineyard following bio-dynamic cultivation methods and offering unparalleled relaxation moments.
Their Tours

Bike & Picnic Tour

5 Hours Easy-Moderate 10 Km
This tour's innate ability to make you feel like a native, as you swim at the non-touristic beach of Fokos and indulge into the genuine culinary treasures of Mykonos, makes it the most popular bike tour of Yummy Pedals! It is indeed the ideal tour for culinary explorers who look for an easy-to ...

Fokos Tour

4 Hours Easy-Moderate 10 Km
As the road to Fokos winds through the rural landscapes of Mykonos, we stop halfway at a traditional private church for a short visit and an insight by your guide into the religious traditions of Mykonos. Then we continue our ride by the soothingly peaceful water of the reservoir of Ano Mera ...

Lia & Private Beach Tour

3.5 Hours Moderate 9 Km
This tour features two beaches with the most inviting azure waters and a glimpse over the mythical stones of Hercules’ victory over the Giants. Our first stop for a swim, Lia, is a truly beautiful, organized, yet quiet, beach. The second beach is an off the beaten tourist track cove, that is ...

Private Beach & Monastery & Fokos Beach Tour

6.5 Hours Mod-Advanced 21 Km
If the hilly inclines and longer distances don’t intimidate you, don’t miss the chance to feel like a native, as you discover Mykonos’ non touristic beaches and religious traditions. This bike tour will take you both inland, at the village of Ano Mera with its famous monastery, as well as to ...

Private Beach (or Fokos) & Monastery Tour

5 Hours Moderate 14 Km
An ideal tour for the explorers of Mykonos’ cultural and natural heritage. We cycle down to a hidden cove for a pleasant encounter with the Aegean Sea’s crystal clear waters. After our swim, we first ride uphill on gravelly earth terrain for 100 meters and then on paved road, before entering ...

Romantic ride at dusk

4 Hours Easy-Moderate 10 Km
A fairy-tale surprise for your other half; a romantic bike ride at dusk with everything taken care of; an ideal destination for a wedding proposal or a birthday/anniversary celebration… Judging from the wind direction, as well as your riding skills, your guide will select the most appropriate ...

Secret Beach Tour

6 Hours Mod-Advanced 17 Km
After a ride with a stunning view over Panormos Bay and the northern coastline, with extensive steep climbing, highly technical trail and rough downhill, we reach an isolated, refreshing small cove, where we rest and enjoy our small picnic with lemonade, muffins and nuts. The climb up the ...

Wind Turbine Tour

5 Hours Mod-Advanced 14 Km
The breathtaking natural landscapes, as viewed from the mountainside, promise a delightful, but very challenging, cycling tour. Its technical characteristics: extensive climbing, steep slopes and a gravelly, rough earth trail (where you will partly need to walk) all the way down the mountain ...

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