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Yubike is born from the desire to broaden the horizon to get in touch with the essence of things along the road through places, people, history and nature. They promote responsible tourism, respecting the environment and local culture of the places they are going to discover.

They carefully choose all facilities that host them according to the principles of sustainability. In the formula bike&bateau they eat and overnight on the ship and after breakfast they start cycling. They will rejoin the boat in the evening in the city of arrival!

They love the slow bike. Their bike tours are itinerant, or based in an ‘agriturismo’. Easy to intermediate trails, a few are more challenging. They ride between 30 to 50 km (18 to 30 miles) a day. Along the trail they give special importance to the artistic and natural beauty of the places they visit, offering many guided visits. 
Space for travel photography as a mean to capture unique moments. They offer packages from three days up to a week with luggage transport and possibility of bike rental. One-day theme excursions. They schedule departures and arrivals of their biketours in cities with train connections. They promote cultural exchange through international groups, between 6 and 22 participants.
Their Tours

Cycling among Flowers – bike&bateau

5 Days Easy 71 MLS
A bike tour among tulip fields in full bloom in Holland in a landscape of multicolor plains. We will plunge in a sea of tulips, irises and hyacinths, visit the world famous Keukenhof and learn all the secrets that lie behind a bulb visiting the largest Flower Auction in the world in Alsmeer. A ...
Updated by Yubike on 15 Dec 2017

Tuscan Coast and Islands

8 Days Mod-Advanced 84 MLSAVG 14 MLS
We open the tour with a welcoming ‘aperitivo’ and a presentation of the program. Dinner. We start with a trip to Ansedonia. We enter the beautiful Pineta Feniglia (umbrella pine forest) and coast the Orbetello lagoon, the last of the remaining Tuscan coastal lakes. From the sighting points ...
Updated by Yubike on 21 Nov 2017

Umbria, Lazio, Toscana – from Orvieto to Argentario

8 Days 108 MLS
A bike trip in the land of Etruscans, between towns rich in history and ancient ruins, beautiful landscapes and bodies of crystalline water for ages a source of life and artistic inspiration.
Updated by Yubike on 21 Nov 2017

Bike and Sail on Elba Island

4 Days
Long weekend June 2 – bike&sail A long weekend of sailing and cycling for sports and adventurous souls who love going to discover nature. We will spend the long weekend of June 2nd exploring the island of Elba between land and sea. Sail & Bike is a unique proposal that combines a sailing ...
Updated by Yubike on 7 Apr 2017

Castles of Flanders

8 Days Easy 195 MLSAVG 27 MLS
Our journey begins in Bruges, magnificently preserved and filled with precious little corners. Endless bike paths will lead us from castle to castle, we will be surrounded by stories and legends, visit bustling cities like Ghent, Antwerp and Utrecht. We will have the opportunity to taste the ...
Updated by Yubike on 21 Feb 2017

Montargis to Paris

8 Days Easy-Moderate 235 KmAVG 39 Km
Cycling on quiet roads and through a rolling landscape, this tour blends history, poetry, and natural beauty. We find traces of the Gallo-Roman era and the famous Château Fontainbleu, as we follow the steps of Joan d’Arc through the beautiful countryside that inspired the impressionists painters ...
Updated by Yubike on 11 Nov 2016

The Green Heart of Alto Lazio

6 Days Moderate
Individual arrival in Orvieto, at the agriturismo. Aperitif and presentation of the tour and the group. Dinner and guided tour in the city. We climb to the ancient Balneum Regis, of Etruscan origin, today a crest of medieval houses perched on a tuffaceous hill, in the middle of the Valley of ...
Updated by Yubike on 18 Feb 2014

Amsterdam to Bruges – bike&bateau

8 Days Easy
We welcome you in Amsterdam, with dinner on board the Gandalf, who will take us on this adventure. It starts with a guided tour of the city at night between old and contemporary architecture. Stories of yesterday and today’s hustle and bustle that breaths freedom and tolerance at every step ...
Updated by Yubike on 18 Feb 2014

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