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Your Private Italy
Contact Number:
+1 917 340 1471
203 Dreams Landing Way
Annapolis Maryland 21401
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Your Private Italy

Your Private Italy is the luxury travel, destination
management specialist to Italy. Travel that is
custom designed specially for you, the educated
tourist, looking to experience Italy in a truly
distinctive and authentic manner. We have the A-list
of inimitable Italian experiences.

Exclusive private property rentals, wedding
organization and arrangements, corporate event
planning and management, unique travel initiatives,
infrastructure, and consulting.

Executing the redefinition of personalized service,
we provide a complete range of logistic services to
make your travel stay as comfortable and carefree
as possible.
Their Tours

Gardens in the Lands of the Myths

8 Days

A Taste of Southern Italy

8 Days
Authentic, Hands-on Culinary Tour, hosted in a beautiful Mediterranean Villa in Sorrento!

Coast to Coast

8 Days
Biking & Trekking

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