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Bike and Yoga tours

Yoga and cycling are a perfect combination and the activities complement each other beautifully. Cycling adds aerobic exercise to yoga, and yoga helps make you a stronger, faster cyclist, as well as aiding recovery and keeping you pain free. Plus a yoga and cycling holiday is double the fun!

Lake Poso Cycle Tour

11 Days 544 Km
Trip starts in Palu on the west coast of Sulawesi, will take us along the coast of Teluk Palu Bay to the historic port of Donggala, Prince John dive resort, past Kebun Kopi (Coffee Gardens) the rugged and scenic central mountain range and will circumnavigate crystal clear Lake Poso. Fly Poso ...

Central Sulawesi Cycle Tour

17 Days 937 KmAVG 78 Km
Trip begins in Palu on the central west coast of Sulawesi and finishes, 943 km later in the east coast town of Luwuk. Trip takes in the rugged and scenic mountains of Central Sulawesi, crystal clear Lake Poso, idyllic Togian islands and the coastal coconut route from Poso to Luwuk. Swimming ...

Rustic Cycling in South India

15 Days Moderate 500 Km
We take you west of the busy metropolis of Bangalore through the wilderness of the Western Ghats and a perfect escape to the diverse landscapes of South India. The trip combines sightseeing at Mysore, wilderness at Mudumalai & Periyar, the magnificent hill country at Ooty & Munnar and the spice ...

Vermont Adventure Retreat

6 Days
Word has it that this is our best retreat . . . so exotic destinations, move over! Our greenest state is proof that some of the prettiest playgrounds don’t require a passport. We’ll stay at the exclusive Trout Club, a historic, private fishing club nestled in the Green Mountains, with world ...

Nova Scotia: Yoga & Bike

6 Days Easy
This trip follows the best riding route of the South Shore, and it allows time for yoga on a daily basis. This is our home, and we love showing you the secret swimming holes, little-known cafés, and fantastic rides along obscure coastal stretches, while taking the time to appreciate it all and ...

Bike & Yoga

1 Days
Our Bike & Yoga tour is carefully created to offer both a rejuvenating and in-depth cultural experience. The 3 hour tour will allow you to truly explore Le Plateau, Montreal’s most bohemian and colorful neighborhood, all the while stopping in some of its greenest parks for yoga! You’ll weave ...

Northern Coastal Training Circuit

7 Days Adv-Challenging
Curico/Bucalemu/Pichilemu/Navidad/Pichilemu/Curico/Illoca/Curico road course 844 km (506 miles)

Southern Coastal Training Circuit

7 Days Adv-Challenging
Curico/San Clemente/Constitucion/Curanipe/Constitucion/Linares/Las Garzas/San Clemente/Curico 722 km (477 miles)

Combination Northern and Southern Circuits

14 Days Adv-Challenging
Curico/Molina/Curico/Hualane/Curico/Villa Prat/Curico/Santa Cruz/Curico 295 km (177 miles)

Wine and Artesian Tour

7 Days 421 Km
Curico/molina/Curico/Villa Prat/Curico/San Clemente/Linares/Curico

While great care has been taken to show full and correct tour details, Cycle Tours Global does not take responsibility for any errors or ommissions. Plans or bookings should not be made exclusively based on information shown on this website but must be confirmed with the tour operator.


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