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Bike and Yoga tours

Yoga and cycling are a perfect combination and the activities complement each other beautifully. Cycling adds aerobic exercise to yoga, and yoga helps make you a stronger, faster cyclist, as well as aiding recovery and keeping you pain free. Plus a yoga and cycling holiday is double the fun!

Bajawa Bike Retreat

10 Days
The first ride of the camp is designed to introduce riders to the town of Bajawa and its immediate surroundings and to help you settle into the locale. The route will take us up to a chilly 1500 m and will include some testy gradients. The road is through smallholder coffee and vegetable gardens ...

North Sulawesi Cycle Tour

13 Days 638 KmAVG 63 Km
The route takes us to Tomohan, the still active Gunung Lakon volcano, around Lake Tondano and the hot springs at Remboken. The route passes through a combination of mountainous and coastal terrain. Riders will experience the Christian culture of Minahasa and the Muslim culture of Gorontalo.

Bali Cycle Tour

8 Days 287 KmAVG 57 Km
This trip starts in the artistic centre of Ubud and for a week we’ll explore the non tourist north and north-eastern parts of Bali returning to Ubud on the day before the trip ends. Trip features community work in mountain village Sudaji. The cycle days are short, averaging 55 km but for the ...

Toraja Land Cycle Tour

9 Days Moderate 252 Km
This trip includes cycling in the cultural heartland of Toraja, guided mountain trekking, Torajan village homestays, white water rafting, yoga, bahasa Indonesia instruction, outdoor thermal springs relaxation.

South Sulawesi Cycle Tour

14 Days 648 KmAVG 72 Km
This trip takes us into the mountains and valleys of the Malino highlands where we’ll enjoy magnificent scenery of rice terraced hillsides and rustic vegetable growing villages on our way to Sinjai on the east coast. From Sinjai we’ll head south to the white sand beaches of Bira and idyllic off ...

Mtb Skills, Maintenance, Yoga and Guided Ride

2 Days
New to mountain biking or just want to brush up on your core skills? A bit lost when your bike goes wrong when you are out on the trail? Then this is the weekend for you. We have teamed up with Tom Hutton Mtb Guiding and Steve Beech aka Wheelism to offer a weekend packed full of useful stuff!

Mountain Biking and Yoga weekend in Elan Valley

3 Days Moderate
Staying at the Elan Valley Lodge where the riding is straight from the door this weekend is all about the big rides. We have 2 days of riding in some of the most wild and remote landscapes of Wales. Expect some lung busting climbs and some fabulous natural descents in a place where you can ride ...

Mountain bike and Yoga

8 Days
The mountain bike rides take place in the nature reserve Serra de Sintra (mountain range) and its surroundings (fields, forests, rugged coastline). It is probably one of the few undiscovered jewels amongst mountain bikers. Allthough the mountain range elevates just 530m above sea level at its ...

Yoga And Cycling Holiday - Village House

7 Days Easy-Moderate
Let yourself go with the perfect blend of exhilarating cycling and peaceful yoga on this yoga and cycling holiday set in the pretty pedestrianised village of Casperia, just 1 hour north of Rome to fully relax and physically, mentally and spiritually recharge more details...

Togian Island Cycle Tour

8 Days 393 Km
This is a feast of water scenery from Poso to Ampana, Togian Islands and from Ampana to Luwuk. This is the second stage of the Central Sulawesi Cycle Tour.

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