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Bike and Yoga tours

Yoga and cycling are a perfect combination and the activities complement each other beautifully. Cycling adds aerobic exercise to yoga, and yoga helps make you a stronger, faster cyclist, as well as aiding recovery and keeping you pain free. Plus a yoga and cycling holiday is double the fun!

Desert Rose Thrills and Skills weekend

4 Days Mod-Advanced
A MOST SPECTACULAR BACKDROP FOR A MOST AMAZING MOUNTAIN BIKE GETAWAY: SOUTHWESTERN UTAH IS TRULY OUT OF THIS WORLD. From the surreal desert surrounding St. George to the awesome Gooseberry Mesa, southwestern Utah is one of the most spectacular and unique areas on the planet. It also happens ...

Rocky Mountain Bring-Your-Partner Adventure

8 Days Mod-Advanced
Have a partner who doesn't mountain bike? Wish you could bring him/her along on your mountain bike adventures, and both have a rockin' good time? Well, we've got the solution for you! Our newest Ride features lots of amazing singletrack riding for the mountain bikers (with an itinerary ...

Nepalese Nirvana

21 Days Adv-Challenging 1710 KmAVG 95 Km
The starting point of this section, the holy city of Rishikesh, will allow the riders to practice their yoga and meditation skills before heading out towards Nepal and Kathmandu. The first 3 days of riding will take the cyclists into India’s first National Park, the Corbett Tiger Reserve ...

Provence – Cycling and Yoga

6 Days Easy-Moderate 240 Km
The idea of running a cycling tour with a yoga element has been in the pipeline for us for a while. The stars finally aligned though with Tania wishing to focus more on her own retreats, and Dylan moving the Ride and Seek base to Provence. The combination of Dylan’s knowledge of the cycling in ...

Teton Valley and Grand Teton National Park

7 Days Easy-Moderate
The jagged, rocky peaks of the Teton Mountains rise dramatically from the sagebrush flats of Jackson Hole. Rich in history, scenery and wildlife, this mountain range offers a beautiful backdrop to a wonderful cycling experience. We’ve taken the easier parts of our other Teton tours and put them ...

Enchanting Tamil Nadu

10 Days Easy-Moderate
A trip into the heart of Tamil Nadu gives you a chance to peek into the 2500 years old Dravidian civilization. The state is particularly known for centuries old temples and brilliant architecture. This cycling tour will certainly transport you into civilizations before. Along with a slice of ...

Girona Women's Camp

7 Days
Girona has been dubbed Europe’s Cycling Mecca … home to many Pro Riders and for good reason – fantastic cycling routes and terrain, quiet roads, a warm climate and a lively atmosphere in town. At Grand Tours Project, we are excited about our innovative Women’s Cycling Camp in one of the world’s ...

Trans Flores Cycle Tour

18 Days 696 KmAVG 58 Km
As we fly into Maumere on Flores' north coast the rugged topography of the island is quickly apparent. The jagged islands of Teluk Maumere bay plunge into crystal clear waters famous with divers. Aquamarine gives way to black sand beaches backed by coconut palms - all under the towering gaze of ...

Kelimutu Cycle Tour

10 Days 280 KmAVG 56 Km
We will be picked up at Frans Seda Airport and taken to the small East Flores district capital of Larantuka, a most scenic journey of approx 3 hours. We'll use two vehicles, an air-conditioned van for riders and a truck for the bikes and gear, which will be tarpaulined in the unlikely case of ...

Komodo Cycle Tour

10 Days 416 KmAVG 59 Km
The route, heading west, hugs the cliff faces of spectacular Teluk Ende Bay for a flat 41 km interrupted by 10 abrupt hillocks. We than head inland and begin to climb a testing 600 m in 13 km. The views of mountain ravines and valleys on this climb are outstanding and some warungs perched ...

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