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Bike and Yoga tours

Yoga and cycling are a perfect combination and the activities complement each other beautifully. Cycling adds aerobic exercise to yoga, and yoga helps make you a stronger, faster cyclist, as well as aiding recovery and keeping you pain free. Plus a yoga and cycling holiday is double the fun!

Bolivia Sky Roads - La Paz to Lake Titicaca

12 Days Mod-Advanced 480 KmAVG 60 Km
La Paz is the highest (administrative seat of government) capital city in the world at 3650m (11,975ft). This aptly named Sky roads tour is truly at the top of the earth and takes us from here to the yunga's forests (1000m) and back again while riding through some of the most stunning landscapes ...

Pedal. Stretch. Breathe. Spectacular Spain.

7 Days Moderate
Soulfit Adventures is thrilled to be heading to Spain, Girona with our signature cycling and yoga retreat - Hola ESPANA!! ​ Why Girona? Because the city and it's surrounding areas are some of the most romantic, gorgeous, unspoilt places in Europe. The ancient Catalan city Girona, with its ...

Pedal. Stretch. Breathe. Tantalising Tuscany.

7 Days Moderate Reviews
Sometimes, it takes a special place in your life and the right setting to unravel and just let go. Soulfit Adventures offers an exquisite opportunity to do just that in Tuscany. ​ There is something about Tuscany. It has a way of enveloping you, of transporting you from the everyday and it ...

Women on Wheels

11 Days Moderate 120 KmAVG 15 Km
Though we like to think life is all smooth flow and fun features like a mountain bike park, it is not and neither is Nepal and the trails here which makes it the PERFECT place to come and hone your mountain bike skills on Nepal’s natural trails. We create a friendly and fun environment to help ...

Pedal. Stretch. Breathe. Captivating Cambodia

12 Days Moderate
Soulfit Adventures offers a 12 day cycling and yoga holiday in Cambodia in 2016. What a way to experience Cambodia! Days spent exploring the heart of this country at handlebar height, with evening or morning yoga sessions to put you at peace with your surrounds. You might come to see Angkor Wat, ...

Pyrenees Cycling, Yoga & Pilates

8 Days
Pilates, Yoga and Cycling are a match made in heaven. Historically, they were the powerful cross-training secrets of the sporting elite, (just ask Bradley Wiggins!), but not anymore, the secret is out! With the benefit of a fully equipped state of the art Pilates studio and Melanie’s ...

Coed Tuscany Cycling Retreat

9 Days
From the shimmering Mediterranean Sea to the rolling hills and ancient villages, while cycling, we’ll absorb the essence of Tuscany and allow our senses to run wild. From the honey-soaked light of the morning glowing over the olive trees, to the golden rays shining through the vineyards in the ...

Sonoma Cycling and Yoga Adventure Retreat

6 Days
Treat yourself to a fabulous girls getaway in Sonoma Valley. We combine some of the best road cycling in the world, with the culinary delights and sensory indulgences of wine country, to bring you a powerful recipe for reawakening your passion for life. Learn new skills on the bike, explore food ...

Ramble On

9 Days Moderate
SEASIDE BEACHTOWNS. TASTINGS OF THE FINEST LOCAL SAUVIGNON BLANC. HELI-BIKING TO EPIC DESCENTS. UNWINDING IN NATURAL HOT SPRINGS. MORNING COFFEE ON MOUNTAIN TOPS. New Zealand has become known in recent years as one of the top adventure destinations in the world, and with good reason. This ...

Pura Vida Yoga and Mountain Bike Retreat

8 Days Moderate
Sun Salutations on a tropical beach. White warm sand nestled between your toes. The crackle of a beachside bonfire off in the distance. A crisp glass of wine awaits you fireside, ready for shared stories of the days epic mountain bike adventure through the quaint villages of the Guanacaste ...

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