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Yatsugatake Cycling
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+81 266-71-6688

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Yatsugatake Cycling

Yatsugatake Cycling is a new venture we are just starting here on Mt Yatsugatake. We have been operating as Freeride Adventures since 1999 and the timing is now right for us to expand upon it and offer more to our customers. Run by Canadain ,Paul Chetwynd who first came to Japan in 1992 as a professional bike racer. Paul has spend many hours riding his bikes all over Japan, whether rode or MTB he loves to show his Japan to all.

Self guided tours and rental bike are just a few of our new features. Until now our rental bikes have been available for only tour customers but now we will make them available for individual rental. Self guided tours are also becoming popular and we have a few attractive self guided tours now available for those who want to go it alone. We provide bikes, maps and book your lodging.
Their Tours

Sky to Sea

6 Days
A challenging 6 day route that covers the best of Japanese road cycling. Taking the back roads through the Southern Alps we avoid the traffic but not the mountain passes of this truly beautiful area as we make our way to the beach on the edge of the Pacific Ocean. From mountain passes, through ...

Noto Peninsula

3 Days
A fantastic 3 day ride around the quiet roads of the Noto Peninsula, ride it all and it’s a good workout, let us shorten it for you and it’s a very relaxing 3 days of pedaling. It’s a perfect fit for those looking for a short cycling experience while visiting Japan.

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