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They’ve been creating small, inn-to-inn road bicycle tours for women since 1995. The trips are fully supported with two guides and a vehicle to serve you on the road, carry your luggage, provide most of your meals, show you the routes, and rent you a bicycle if you need one. All you have to do is show up and ride!

Their bike trips are designed for women of all ages, abilities and interests. Everyone cycles at her own pace. If you don’t wish to do all the miles, they’ll pick you up in the van. They believe there's no better way to explore the world around than on a bicycle. They have a wonderful schedule planned for the remainder of this year and next year.

The all-women bike trips include flat leisurely tours in Nantucket & Martha’s Vineyard, South Carolina and Idaho; challenging bike trips in Glacier National Park and Alaska; cross-country bicycle tours on the Southern Tier and Route 66; and international tours in Cuba, Chile, Costa Rica, South Africa and Spain - just to name a few!
Their Tours

Ireland: Connemara

8 Days Moderate
Our Ireland trip explores Connemara, the broad peninsula of unspoiled beauty in the west of the island. The rocky peaks of the Twelve Bens mountain range will dominate the skyline as we cycle through the Connemara National Park, along the rugged Atlantic coastline and by small towns and villages ...

Bike and Barge - Aigues Mortes to Avignon

8 Days Easy-Moderate
Our first bike and barge tour in Italy was so successful that we expanded into France. Join us in Provence and Camargue as we bike and barge through southern France up the Rhone River from the Mediterranean Sea.

Bike and Barge - Venice to Mantua

8 Days Easy
We’re thrilled to offer you our first Bike and Barge tour — this time to one of our most favorite places in the world — Italy. Bike all day, dine all evening and sleep in our own private barge at night. The cycling is flat and the scenery is stunning as we travel from one of the most beautiful ...

NY: Cooperstown and Lake Glimmerglass

4 Days Moderate
Join us in charming Cooperstown, nestled at the tip of Glimmerglass Lake in the Susquehanna Valley. Much of the land around the town has been owned by the same few families and passed down through generations. There’s been surprisingly little development over the years, leaving us with lightly ...

Florida: Everglades & the Keys

7 Days Easy
The Florida Keys Overseas Heritage Trail has been in the making for decades. Nearly complete, we ride the bike path the full length of the Florida Keys on this tour. A visit to southern Florida wouldn't be complete, however, without a visit to Everglades National Park. Since it’s all about the ...

Wisconsin Door County

6 Days Moderate
We are always searching for the best places to cycle and we certainly found it in Wisconsin. Few people living outside the Midwest have heard of Door County, which is probably what makes it a perfect place to ride your bike. This hidden gem is a peninsula that juts out into the middle of Lake ...

Minnesota: Lake Wobegon Trail

6 Days Easy
This bike path tour shows off some of the best paved trails that Minnesota has to offer. The Lake Wobegon Trail is wide, smooth, flat and traffic-free. It cuts through rural farmland, forests and lakes on a former railroad line. Come join us for stress-free bicycling on one of the longest and ...

Massachusetts Island Hopper: Nantucket and Martha's Vineyard

5 Days Easy
By combining the lovely paved paths of Martha’s Vineyard with those of the smaller island of Nantucket, we’ve put together a tour that shows off the best these isolated islands off the coast of Massachusetts have to offer. Enjoy the ocean breezes, moors, beaches, and forests of these two islands ...

Maine: Acadia National Park

6 Days Moderate
Discover Maine, from the wild rock formations left by glaciers long ago to the dramatic 10’ tides of the bays. We spend the entire tour nestled in the bustling coastal town of Bar Harbor. From there, we explore beautiful Acadia National Park – by bicycle, kayak and foot. You’ll also have time to ...

Virginia Capital Trail

3 Days Easy
Give us your weekend and we’ll show you one of the nicest newly completed bike paths in the country. This tour is perfect for the history buff or for the cyclist who loves long, vehicle-free, paved trails. The Virginia Capital Trail connects the state’s current capital of Richmond to Jamestown - ...

New York: Finger Lakes Wine Country

4 Days Moderate
Imagine vistas of sapphire blue lakes between verdant, vineyard-covered hills, quiet roads with smooth, wide shoulders, and village stores selling homemade grape pies. This is New York’s Finger Lakes region. Glacial advances in the Ice Age carved the 11 parallel lakes out of sedimentary rock ...

Jersey Shore: Cape May

4 Days Easy-Moderate
Situated between the Atlantic Coast and the Delaware Bay, Cape May is a peninsula and one of the oldest seaside resorts in the nation. Flat roads and slow-moving traffic make Cape May perfect for biking. Come explore the natural beauty of the southern tip of New Jersey on this leisurely long ...

South Carolina Low Country

7 Days Easy-Moderate
Come explore South Carolina on our newest tour this year. The Low Country describes the coastal area and islands which are believed to have once been under the sea. Join us on this flat tour that is as rich in history and culture as it is in beauty.

Missouri: Katy Trail Epic Tour

8 Days Easy-Moderate
Come join us on our newest and shortest epic tour. It's also one of our flattest. The Katy Trail is the country's longest rail trail and is beautifully graded in finely crushed limestone over hard-packed dirt. It's been a favorite among cyclists for decades. We'll cycle its entire 240-mile ...

Cross Country: Route 66

51 Days Mod-Advanced 2543 MLSAVG 51 MLS
One of the first highways in the country, it’s also referred to as the Main Street of America. We’ll begin in Chicago and head southwest through Illinois, Missouri, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico, and Arizona, before we end on the beach in Santa Monica, California. Relatively flat, Route 66 ...

Eric Canalway Trail Epic Tour

10 Days Moderate
Built in 1825, the Erie Canal was considered an engineering marvel. It facilitated trade between the busy port of New York City and the rural farmland of upstate New York. Long overtaken by railroads, highways and airplanes to move goods, the 385-mile long beautiful waterway is now used for ...

Selkirk Loop Epic Tour

14 Days Mod-Advanced
Cycle North America’s only international scenic drive with us. We’ll bike along rivers and lakeshores through some of the most beautiful territory in the Northern Rockies. We’ll encircle the spectacular Selkirk Mountains in eastern Washington, northern Idaho and southeastern British Columbia on ...

TransAmerica: Section 1

27 Days Mod-Advanced 1167 MLSAVG 50 MLS
Join us for the first and westernmost section of the TransAmerica – the classic bicycle route across the country. This will be the first of four sections of the 4200-mile TransAm that we’ll hold in four straight years. Do one section or all of them to complete the entire route west to east with ...

Cross-Country: Southern Tier

58 Days Mod-Advanced 3064 MLS Reviews
We designed this tour with women over 50 in mind, but women of any age are welcome. We will dip our tires into the Pacific Ocean on Friday down the road from our hotel catching the sunrise over the city. Our route takes us on a bike path as we leave the city of San Diego. We then begin the ...

Washington: San Juan Islands

7 Days Mod-Advanced
If you’ve never heard of the San Juan Islands in northwest Washington, then you don’t know of the unspoiled beauty that awaits you. These glacier-formed islands are an outdoor playground with some of the best weather in the state. Sea currents keep them warmer in the winter and ocean breezes ...

Utah: Moab Arches and Canyonlands

7 Days Mod-Advanced
One of our wonderful guides, Patty, lives here and designed this tour. We use the quaint town of Moab as home base on our tour of southeastern Utah. Unpack your bags only once and explore the thousand foot canyons and the soaring sandstone cliffs of this awe-inspiring area. Long known as a ...

Utah: St George & Zion National Park

7 Days Mod-Advanced
Our other tours in Utah have proven so popular that we developed this tour to explore another piece of this amazing state. You need to unpack your bags only once as we explore the red rock cliffs and canyons surrounding the town of St. George. We’ll cycle along the Virgin and Santa Clara Rivers, ...

Glacier National Park

8 Days Mod-Advanced
Many consider Glacier to be the most beautiful of all of our national parks. Its million acres of diverse habitats are home to hundreds of species of mammals and birds. We’ve seen bears, porcupines and golden eagles on this tour. The park also contains hundreds of structures on the National ...

Alaska: Nome

9 Days Mod-Advanced
Best known for being the finish of the annual Iditarod sled dog race, the sub-arctic town of Nome is pristine, scenic, and perfect for our newest Alaskan bicycle adventure. We venture to the end of the road in three different directions and experience amazing scenery all the way. We’d head in ...

South Dakota: Black Hills, Badlands & Mickelsom Tr

7 Days Easy-Moderate
Get a taste of wild and rugged South Dakota on one of our newest bike tours. We cycle through some of the most beautiful sections of the state, including Badlands National Park, Black Hills National Forest and Custer State Park. The area teems with wildlife. We'll cycle on the Mickelson Trail ...

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