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Woman Tours
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Woman Tours

Extraordinary Tours for Every Woman

Welcome to the only all women bike tour company in America! WomanTours – we’ve been creating small, inn-to-inn road bicycle tours for women only since 1993. We design our bike trips for women of all ages, abilities and interests, and in the most beautiful places around the United States and abroad.

We have a wonderful schedule planned for 2012. A new flat beginner tour on bike paths in Niagara Falls, a challenging bike tour in the Colorado Rockies, Cross-country bike tours, and international bike tours in Bhutan and Italy. And then almost everywhere in between. Come join us!
Their Tours

Southern Tier Cross-Country Bike Tour

58 Days Moderate-Advanced 3064 MLS Reviews
Along the way you’ll experience scenic, rural America and small town hospitality. Our van carries your luggage. Dry, warm beds and a hot shower await you every night. Descriptive, "can't get lost" maps by Adventure Cycling and our own detailed cue sheets show you the way.
Updated by CTG on 14 Jan 2015

Prince Edward Island

8 Days Moderate
With its highest point at less than 500’, Prince Edward Island is a haven for bicycling. With its panoramic views of white sand dunes, red clay cliffs and never-ending ocean, it has some of the best coastal scenery in Canada. Its roads are quiet and meander through small farms, historic villages ...
Updated by CTG on 2 Apr 2014

Yukon Canoe and Bike: Exploring the Mighty Yukon

9 Days Moderate-Advanced
This tour is truly an adventure. We start by canoeing down 100 miles of the mighty Yukon River – the third longest river in North America. Then we return by bicycle on dirt roads through Alaska and the Yukon Territory of Canada back to our starting point in Dawson City. Along the way, you’ll ...
Updated by CTG on 2 Apr 2014

Atlantic Coast Cross-Country

53 Days Moderate-Advanced
We’ll start in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida, hugging the coast as we make our way north. We’ll stop in quaint beach towns and then head into the Deep South past cotton and tobacco plantations. Then it’s onto Virginia where you can visit Colonial Williamsburg during our layover day. We’ve planned ...
Updated by CTG on 2 Apr 2014

Bicycle the big Island of Hawaii

8 Days Moderate-Advanced
Explore the Big Island of Hawaii by bike. Cycle with us as we experience Hawaii’s myriad of different ecosystems first hand: from the dry, sunny coast of Kona, to the barren moonscape of Kilauea Caldera, to the lush rain forests of Hilo. We will tour the entire island by bicycle. See black ...
Updated by CTG on 2 Apr 2014

Hawaii: The Big Island for Beginners

9 Days Easy-Moderate
We chose some easier bike rides, added some opportunities to stretch your arms and legs in other ways, and created this beginner tour of the Big Island. We will circumnavigate the entire island to experience Hawaii’s myriad of different ecosystems. We’ll bike through the rainforest, kayak in a ...
Updated by CTG on 2 Apr 2014

Bermuda Blues

6 Days Moderate
Bask your eyes on the bluest water you’ll ever see. Sink your toes in the pinkest and softest sand you’ll ever feel. There is nothing like the beautiful hues of Bermuda. Just 2 hours off the Atlantic Coast, this small island country is warmed year-round by the jet stream. It’s also one of the ...
Updated by CTG on 1 Apr 2014

Utah: St George Red Rock Canyons

7 Days Moderate-Advanced
Our other tours in Utah have proven so popular that we developed this tour to explore another piece of this amazing state. You need to unpack your bags only once as we explore the red rock cliffs and canyons surrounding the town of St. George. We’ll cycle along the Virgin and Santa Clara Rivers, ...
Updated by CTG on 1 Apr 2014

Blue Ridge Rambler Bike Tour

6 Days Moderate-Advanced
Developed by our guide Kimberly who lives in Asheville, this tour is full of the most beautiful winding country roads that only a local would know. Our bicycling routes cut through the valleys, follow along rivers and lead to small hidden country inns where we’ll spend our overnights.
Updated by CTG on 1 Apr 2014

Italy: Puglia

8 Days Easy-Moderate
Our Puglia bike tour has a little bit of everything. Located in the heel of the boot of Italy, this quiet, often overlooked area of the country is a cycling paradise. This tour is perfect for beginners or women who prefer cycling on flatter terrain. We start at a UNESCO World Heritage site ...
Updated by CTG on 1 Apr 2014

Vermont: Cycling The Champlain Valley

6 Days Moderate
Vermont was made for cycling. With its unrivaled network of quiet back roads, historic covered bridges and picturesque farms, it’s a cycling paradise. The Champlain Valley boasts some of the gentlest terrain in the state. We’ll stay in outstanding inn all week, each unique with its own charm and ...
Updated by CTG on 1 Apr 2014

Around Lake Erie - Great Lakes Epic Tour

14 Days Moderate-Advanced
Join us on the third of our series of tours circumnavigating America’s Great Lakes. We start in the ”Comeback City“ of Cleveland, Ohio and head east around Lake Erie, stopping for a layover day in Buffalo. You can use the day to visit one of the natural wonders of the world, Niagara Falls. After ...
Updated by CTG on 1 Apr 2014

Around Lake Ontario - Great Lakes Epic

12 Days Moderate-Advanced
This was the first in our series of tours circumnavigating America’s Great Lakes, and it’s our smallest and shortest one. Lake Ontario is about 200 miles long and 50 miles wide, with shores surrounded by rural farmland. Its banks are also home to one of Canada’s most fascinating cities – Toronto ...
Updated by CTG on 1 Apr 2014

Teton Tune-Up: Bicycle Maintenance, Effective Cycling and Yoga

6 Days
Unpack your bags only once. We’ll stay in luxurious, modern ranch homes with dramatic views of the Grand Tetons for this bicycling retreat. The mountains will be our backdrop as we spend the week cycling through Teton Valley, learning about our bicycles and relaxing our bodies. You’ll surely ...
Updated by CTG on 1 Apr 2014

Shenandoah National Park

7 Days Moderate-Advanced
We start our biking in Shenandoah Valley, exploring winding country roads, crossing the Shenandoah River several times. Then we’ll have a glorious two-day ride through Shenandoah National Park on Skyline Drive. Each day of this tour serves up bucolic scenes of farms and pastures with spectacular ...
Updated by CTG on 1 Apr 2014

Washington, DC Bikeways

5 Days Easy
One of our favorite guides, Laurie, designed this tour by uncovering many of the bike paths around our nation’s capitol. They make for some beautiful bicycling. Come explore the national monuments, the Potomac River and the C & O Canal Trail with us.
Updated by CTG on 1 Apr 2014

Natchez Trace Parkway

7 Days Moderate
It took 71 years to finish the entire 444-mile Natchez Trace Parkway. Come explore this linear national park that is full of history, natural beauty and wildlife. Traffic is minimal while small-town southern hospitality will be at its max.
Updated by CTG on 1 Apr 2014

Around Lake Superior Epic Tour Overview

26 Days Moderate-Advanced
This was the second in our series of tours circumnavigating America’s Great Lakes. Unfortunately, we found the roads on the northern side of the lake in Canada to be too narrow and not as safe as we would have liked for cycling. We won’t be running this tour again until the roads are improved.
Updated by CTG on 1 Apr 2014

Maine: Acadia National Park

6 Days Moderate
Discover Maine, from the wild rock formations left by glaciers long ago to the dramatic 10’ tides of the bays. We spend the entire tour nestled in the bustling coastal town of Bar Harbor. From there, we explore beautiful Acadia National Park – by bicycle, kayak and foot. You’ll also have time to ...
Updated by CTG on 1 Apr 2014

Moab: Arches & Canyonlands of Utah

7 Days Moderate-Advanced
One of our favorite guides, Patty, lives here and designed this tour. We use the quaint town of Moab as home base on our tour of southeastern Utah. Unpack your bags only once and explore the thousand foot canyons and the soaring sandstone cliffs of this awe-inspiring area. Long known as a ...
Updated by CTG on 1 Apr 2014

Niagara Falls Pathways

4 Days Easy
Explore Niagara Falls, Niagara-on-the-Lake and Niagara’s Wine Country on our newest beginner tour. Experience the breathtaking grandeur of Niagara Falls, one of the seven natural wonders of the world, while cycling on bike paths free of motorized traffic. We’ll travel the Niagara Parkway ...
Updated by CTG on 1 Apr 2014

Cycling the Southern Alps

11 Days Moderate-Advanced
New Zealand was among the last places on earth to be settled by humans, and today it still retains a pristine beauty impossible to find anywhere else. There may be 30 million sheep in New Zealand, but there are only 4 million people. We’ll cycle the South Island where the towns are small and ...
Updated by CTG on 1 Apr 2014

Death Valley National Park

6 Days Moderate
Death Valley National Park is the largest national park in the lower 48 states. Its 3.3 million acres are nestled between two mountain ranges, and its Badwater Basin is 282’ below sea level – the lowest point in North America. The park’s mostly level paved roads offer a beautiful bicycling ...
Updated by CTG on 1 Apr 2014

Finger Lakes Wine Country

4 Days Moderate
Imagine vistas of sapphire blue lakes between verdant, vineyard-covered hills, quiet roads with smooth, wide shoulders, and village stores selling homemade grape pies. This is New York’s Finger Lakes region. Glacial advances in the Ice Age carved the 11 parallel lakes out of sedimentary rock ...
Updated by CTG on 1 Apr 2014

Florida Gulf Coast: Sun, Sand, Surf and Cycling

7 Days Easy-Moderate
Florida boasts some of the nicest paved bicycle paths in the country. We’ll cycle some of the longest ones including the 48-mile Pinellas Trail through the heart of St. Petersburg and the Legacy Trail through Sarasota. We’ll also bike along some of the state’s most beautiful beaches. The weather ...
Updated by CTG on 1 Apr 2014

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