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Winnipeg Bicycle Tours
Contact Number:
+1 (204) 615-0050
109 — 25 Forks Market Road
Winnipeg Manitoba
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Winnipeg Bicycle Tours

Whether you're visiting, new to the city or just want to explore come by and discover Winnipeg by bike this summer.
Various tours take you around Winnipeg's colourful neighbourhoods, give you a little bit of history and point out local hot spots.
Their Tours

Winnipeg Bicycle Rentals

1 Hours
The best way to explore Winnipeg is on a bicycle, which is why we offer a fleet available for rent during the spring, summer, and fall months. During the winter, we also rent out fat bikes so you can see for yourself how fun they are to take over snow. Single-Speeds, Beach Cruisers, and City ...

Mural Tour (West End Biz)

5 Days
If you are looking to experience the unique history of the West End area, this is the opportunity to do so. The engaging narrative includes interesting history about the area, fun trivia, descriptions about the murals and an introduction to the unique restaurants and business of the west end ...

Exchange District Biz

3 Hours
Every Thursday enjoy a ride on the Riverwalk, past the Canadian Museum for Human Rights, along beautiful Waterfront Drive and through the historic Exchange District. Then you get the best of both worlds with our most popular tour on foot – Death and Debauchery. Explore the dark secrets of ...

St. Boniface Tour

2 Hours
Rebellion, fur trade, cathedral fires, and the birth of Western Canada, Winnipeg’s own “French Quarter” has it all. Coast through majestic trees and fantastic architecture on this tour and catch a glimpse of this city’s colourful past, and our equally colourful present. A History Rich tour ...

Little Bike on the Prairie

3 Hours
Every Tuesday, go on a prairie adventure from the heart of the Winnipeg through cozy neighbourhoods, oak and poplar forests and across the prairies, all with out even leaving the city! With stops in Assiniboin Park and Fort Whyte to fill up your water bottles, have a snack and look round. ...

Winnipeg Downtown Tour

2 Hours
A centre of commerce and community for over 6000 years The Forks is the best place to start exploring Winnipeg. The ride takes you past many of Winnipeg's niftiest shops, cafes, resultants and landmarks. This exploratory tour of Winnipeg's culture and history is perfect for riders who are ...

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