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Wild Women Expeditions
Contact Number:
Business +1 888-993-1222
PO Box 20031
Millbrook Mall
Corner Brook Newfoundland
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Wild Women Expeditions

Wild Women Expeditions

Wild Women Expeditions is an global women's outdoor adventure company, based in Canada, operating since 1991.

"We believe there is something quite magical about women-only groups: the spirit of sisterhood, the respect for each other and the Earth."
Their Tours

Countryside to Coast Hike & Bike Adventure

8 Days 101 KmAVG 33 Km
Your body will tingle with joy as you bike alongside the hills and forests from one enchanting village to another. Ancient clocktowers rise in greeting, while cobbled streets lead you down crooked alleys to delight in rich, chocolatey gelatos. As the sun kisses your face, your senses work ...

Heart of Ireland Adventure

8 Days
It’s easy to see why stories of fairies and leprechauns and magical rainbows once sprang from this place. To understand how this little island has produced such heartbreaking poetry, and music so tender the heart swells. When surrounded by such fierce, relentless beauty, such rich ancient ...

Torres del Paine Multisport Adventure

10 Days 20 Km
You feel somehow freer here, untethered, like the wild horses that roam the valleys of Patagonia. Patagonia. The name rolls out of your mouth like a children’s rhyme. “I’m going to Patagonia.” You practice saying. Your friends at first think you’re off to the outdoor store to buy a new fleece ...

Elephants, Treks and Temples

11 Days
Your feet will take you from mountain trail to a temple hidden amid the jungle, reminding you of the untapped wonder that still exists in this world. And here is your opportunity to breathe it all in. Each day you will experience Thailand anew. By boat, trek, kayak, bamboo raft and bike, your ...

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