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Whanganui River Road Tours
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New Zealand
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Whanganui River Road Tours

Whanganui River Road Tours is a group interactive, cultural and scenic tour, providing access to the lower and middle reaches of the Whanganui River valley, it’s culture, history and National Park.

There is particular reference to the relationship that river dwellers both past and present experience with the Whanganui River.

We offer fully customised group tours in an air-conditioned mini-bus for four people or more. There is full commentary on the unique aspects of this stunning river and what has long been recognized as the most beautiful scenic river road in New Zealand. Through your own individual experience you will absorb the majestic beauty and gain a personal perspective of the history and culture of the Whanganui River.

Experience what many describe as Stepping into a Different World.
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Whanganui River Road Cycle Tour

1 Days
The Whanganui River Road is the southern most section of the Mountains to Sea (Ruapehu–Whanganui) Cycle Trail. Transport arrangements are designed to avoid the two large hills at each end of the road and so the gradient for the cycling section of the tour is not difficult. The first part of ...
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