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We Bike Amsterdam
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We Bike Amsterdam

As all the Dutch we were born on a bike and we grew up cycling. Especially living in Amsterdam means biking from here to there and back again. Therefore we believe that the best way to really feel this city and to become a part of it is to cycle through it.

As we traveled all over the world, the goal of our bike tour was immediately clear. We want to show you the things that we would have wanted to see ourselves: the local life and sights of the city; the hidden spots that are just under the surface.

Everywhere you go as a tourist there is the ‘tourist bubble’, the layer that is obvious but where you can hardly take a peek beyond. It's our mission to pop that bubble and show you our beautiful city by bike. Just because Amsterdam is even more pretty than you would expect at first sight.

While growing up here we discovered the most beautiful places and surprising spots. We started this small business to show them to you!

Thijs & Jasper
Their Tours

Explore the Dutch countryside

4 Hours Easy 30 Km
On this tour you will cycle through our quiet and beautiful countryside around Amsterdam on a leisurely 4-hour bike tour. We will cover about 30 kilometres (18,5 miles). On our way we will see picturesque villages, a beautiful windmill, dams & dikes, ducks, horses & cows. Escape the hustle and ...
Updated by CTG on 15 Jun 2016

Discover hidden Amsterdam

3 Hours
This tour is the perfect way to discover our beautiful city by bike together with some fellow travelers. We will tell you about the foundation and the history of Amsterdam as well as how Amsterdammers live their lives nowadays. This bike tour is focussing on the undiscovered parts of the ...
Updated by CTG on 15 Jun 2016

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