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Bike n' Wander
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Buenos Aires
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Bike n' Wander

Bike n' Wander

They are a company formed by professionals with a 10- year experience in designing customised tours for travellers that visit them from other countries.
Bike n' Wander was born because there is a new kind of tourist, who looks forward to discovering the local culture by exploring the chosen destination. They believe that a deeper understanding between cultures gives rise to a more tolerant and, hence, better world to live in and to leave for generations to come. Also reducing their carbon footprint makes them really happy since they are part of the change they want to see in the world.
Their Tours

Green n' Trendy Buenos Aires

3 Hours Easy 10 KmAVG 1 Km
We are going to meet in Recoleta. The neighborhood that made Buenos Aires be known as the Paris of South America. We will get through Del Libertador Avenue, visiting Buenos Aires´ University and Floralis Generica, knowing important sites of Argentinean History and characters that made at the ...
Updated by Bike n' Wander on 26 Jun 2017

Riding to the SOUL of Baires

5 Hours Easy 15 KmAVG 2 Km
We are going to meet in Recoleta. We will get through San Martin Square, to know better the main characters and facts that made at the beginning of the last century this multicultural city famous all around the world. Over bike paths, we will get into the frenetic life of the “city porteña ...
Updated by Bike n' Wander on 6 Jun 2017

Row & Ride Experience From Palermo Woods to the Delta of Tigre

7 Hours Easy-Moderate 45 Km
An amazing full-day experience visiting the world's only delta that continues to grow. We go by train in a North direction from Buenos Aires to the city of Tigre. There, we will go over this beautiful shore town and its rowing sport history. We will also be able to appreciate its wonderful ...
Updated by Bike n' Wander on 6 Jun 2017

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