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Vietnam suspension bridge

Vietnam is probably the most popular country in Asia for bike tours with hundreds available. It is very much a developing country although is further ahead than neighbouring Laos and Cambodia. If you haven't been before, the legacy of the Vietnam War may be foremost in your mind. And while this is still a hugely important factor particularly in Saigon, there is so much more to this country that has moved on considerably in the last three decades.
November to April is the best time of year to tour to avoid the wettest weather and the summer heat - however winter can get quite cold in northern locations. Food is amazing year round across the country and is traditionally one of the world's healthiest cuisines. The national dish is Pho, a (usually beef) noodle soup, and fresh vegetables abound. Coffee and baguettes are also very good with the latter having been held onto from the French colonial era. A little known fact is that Vietnam is the world's second biggest coffee producer after Brazil.

Ride the classic length of the country from Hanoi to Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City), or any region such as Hanoi-Halong Bay, the Central Coast (Hue, Hoi An, Nha Trang and Dalat) or the Mekong Delta in the south. Look out for the traffic and the often poor road confitions though. Fortunately there are plenty of bike tour operators here who will take you on the safest and most interesting routes. Prefer mountain biking? No problem, the mountains in the North-West offer some of the best trails in South-East Asia.

Golden Triangle

17 Days Easy-Moderate
Staying inland from the coast, they will travel through small villages and National Parks before turning west and climbing over the Kaew Nua Pass into rural Laos. Here they can explore the amazing karst formations and caves during their rest day in Thakhek, situated on the legendary Mekong ...
Verified by TDA Global Cycling on 25 Mar 2017

Mao & Tao

10 Days Easy-Moderate 835 KmAVG 104 Km
Here they will discover a vast collection of UNESCO highlighted watchtowers. Built by ‘coolies’ returning with their fortunes from California, the styles vary from Roman to Rococo. Cyclists will now follow the coast through the area known for the best dim sum in China to their rest day in ...
Verified by TDA Global Cycling on 25 Mar 2017

Bamboo Road

88 Days Moderate 7321 KmAVG 114 Km
Leaving the modern city of Shanghai, riders will soon find themselves pedaling through bamboo-clad hills, alongside lakes and canals and staying in ancient villages before enjoying a few days in Hong Kong. From there cyclists will follow the coast through an area known for the best dim sum in ...
Verified by TDA Global Cycling on 21 Mar 2017

Cycle South East Asia

27 Days Moderate
Exercise the body and the mind with a leg pumping, eye-opening cycling tour of Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand. Enjoy a different perspective as you bike through the limestone cliffs of north Vietnam, along rock-face hugging passes down the stunning coast and on to buzzing Ho Chi Minh City. ...
Verified by Intrepid Travel on 16 Feb 2017

Cycle Indochina

13 Days Moderate
What’s the best way to explore Southeast Asia? From a bicycle, of course, with the wind in your (helmet-covered) hair and tropical breeze on your face. Cycle out of busy Ho Chi Minh, through the Mekong Delta, past riverside villages and alongside paddy fields, and see life from a different ...
Verified by Intrepid Travel on 16 Feb 2017

Cycle Vietnam

15 Days Moderate-Advanced
More than 30 million Vietnamese can't be wrong - handle-bar height gives you the best view of Vietnam! Our cycling tour through this mesmerising country provides opportunities to meet the locals and experience their culture in a way that wouldn't otherwise be possible. So come with us ...
Verified by Intrepid Travel on 16 Feb 2017

Vietnam - Northeast

14 Days Moderate-Advanced 630 KmAVG 70 Km
Tiers of rice terraces fading seemingly to infinity as they drop away through a vast valley, karst pinnacles like those from a Chinese water painting, minority people whose way of life and dress is little touched by the outside influences of the global village most of us inhabit; North East ...
Verified by Painted Roads on 26 Jan 2017

Mekong Delta Region

13 Days Moderate 680 KmAVG 75 Km
This is a fascinating ride through the labyrinthine network of waterways and accompanying tracks, trails, and paths that cover an area from Cambodia to the South China Sea, offering fine relaxed cycling and an insight into lives not normally seen. When we set out to explore the Mekong Delta ...
Verified by Painted Roads on 24 Jan 2017

Tri Nations: Vietnam, Lao, Thailand

16 Days Moderate-Advanced 1040 KmAVG 94 Km
Three neighbouring nations, three written scripts, two and a half languages, two political systems, one major religion. Not only is this tour a cycling odyssey through fascinating regions along a path less trodden, it is a journey of discovery through three lands that for all the world should ...
Verified by Painted Roads on 24 Jan 2017

Central Vietnam - The Ho Chi Minh Trail

14 Days Moderate-Advanced 970 KmAVG 97 Km
Extending south of Hanoi is the Annamite Mountain Range, known in Vietnamese as Truong Son. During the Vietnam War a series of supply routes through the dense jungle of these mountains were used to move troops and supplies to support the North Vietnamese Army and the Viet Cong in their war ...
Verified by Painted Roads on 24 Jan 2017

While great care has been taken to show full and correct tour details, unfortunately transcription errors do occur and although we continually seek to eliminate these we apologise for any mistakes. Plans or bookings should not be made exclusively based on information shown on this website but must be confirmed with the tour operator.


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