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VBT Vacations
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VBT Vacations

VBT Vacations

Over 43 years of leadership in providing deluxe international bicycling and walking vacations at unsurpassed value.

They have always sought to help people make connections with each other and the world around them through affordable, accessible and inspirational travel. As such, each of their bicycling and walking vacations are deliberately designed to give you ample opportunity to explore both the landscape and the culture of your desired destination. Quite simply, they’ll bring you closer so that you can “Shake Hands with the World.”

Once upon a time, there was a Middlebury College professor who loved pedaling into a new town, sharing a moment in time with the wayfarers and stay-putters he met on the road. Friends clamored to come along, and soon he was organizing tours and setting up shop in an old 18th-century barn. 43 years later, their old Vermont barn is still buzzing, and now, they offer 58 vacations on five continents, and thousands of loyal friends have traveled with them.
Their Tours

The Amalfi Coast & Capri ​

7 Days Moderate 42 MLS
Few places can rival the dramatic beauty of the Amalfi Coast, an enchanting region where soaring, rugged mountains plunge suddenly to meet the sparkling azure waters of the Mediterranean Sea. Join us as we hike ancient footpaths through terraced hillsides redolent with lemon trees … explore ...
Updated by CTG on 22 Apr 2014

Quiet Pathways of Tuscany​

7 Days Easy-Moderate 42 MLS
Lush, rolling hills laced with verdant vineyards and cypress trees … fertile meadows awash with vibrant sunflowers and poppies … picturesque hilltop villages steeped in Renaissance history. Experience the legendary landscapes of Tuscany on foot with VBT. Join us as we explore the ...
Updated by CTG on 22 Apr 2014

Peru: Machu Picchu & the Sacred Valley​

8 Days Moderate 48 MLS
Enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to hike the celebrated Inca Trail and discover mystical Machu Picchu during VBT’s unforgettable vacation in Peru. As we trek through the soaring Andes to behold the legendary “Lost City of the Incas,” we’ll explore the equally captivating sites of ...
Updated by CTG on 22 Apr 2014

Biking Southern Vermont: A New England Idyll​

6 Days Easy-Moderate 145 MLS
The Green Mountain state’s quaint villages, the essence of small-town New England charm, are poignant reminders of the simplicity of bygone days where the land was your companion and neighbors were family. They also form the centerpiece of this delightful biking vacation through southern ...
Updated by CTG on 22 Apr 2014

Classic Vermont​

6 Days Easy-Moderate 175 MLS
Vermont is our backyard, our home. But it’s so much more than that, and we want you to feel why. Small, quaint villages nestled among the aptly named Green Mountains … sparkling streams and mirror-like lakes … rolling pastures thick with crops … farmsteads where horses run freely … silos ...
Updated by CTG on 22 Apr 2014

Vermont: Champlain Valley & Islands​

6 Days Easy-Moderate 138 MLS
When the great French explorer Samuel de Champlain first saw the lake that bears his name, he described an extraordinary landscape carpeted with “the most beautiful pines that I have ever seen.” They’re still here, as unspoiled and inspiring as the day Champlain admired them. Cycling through ...
Updated by CTG on 22 Apr 2014

Cape Cod & Martha's Vineyard​

6 Days Easy 228 MLS
Shaped like an arm in a welcoming embrace, Cape Cod retains much of the maritime charm and weathered-shingle ambiance of its long-gone whaling days, when the Massachusetts coast and the island of Martha’s Vineyard were bustling economic engines. Now the paths that cross the sand dunes and ...
Updated by CTG on 22 Apr 2014

Maine Coast: Purely Acadia​

6 Days Easy-Moderate 118 MLS
Carved by a glacier’s powerful hands, the sea-swept coast of Maine is alive with crashing surf, wheeling birds, and invigorating breezes—all graced with the friendly touch of the hardy people who make it home. We’ll experience a traditional New England way of life as we bicycle in Acadia ...
Updated by CTG on 22 Apr 2014

Colorado: Biking the Rockies​

6 Days Easy-Moderate 156 MLS
Colorado’s glorious Rocky Mountains are not the exclusive playground of the avid cyclist... Especially since we have custom tailored an outdoor adventure with carefully selected routes that take advantage of down hills, valley floors, rail-to-trail recreational paths, and bike paths. You ...
Updated by CTG on 22 Apr 2014

Exploring Northern Thailand​

9 Days Easy-Moderate 225 MLS
VBT’s dream vacation in Thailand doesn’t have to be a mere reverie – thanks to our excellent value. Invigorate your muscles by day and pamper them by night on one of our most luxurious bike tours. Included are stays at comfortable lodgings with in-house spas, where we’ll be treated to a Thai ...
Updated by CTG on 22 Apr 2014

Lake Constance: Germany, Austria & Switzerland​

7 Days Easy 175 MLS
Set your sights on the best of alpine splendor—soaring, snow-capped peaks, a vast glistening lake, and easy bike paths that gloriously connect you to an overlooked corner of Europe. We’ll cycle three countries on one spectacular ride—Germany, Austria, Switzerland—with Lake Constance breezes ...
Updated by CTG on 21 Apr 2014

Loire Valley ​

7 Days Easy 180 MLS
The spirit of abundance is everywhere in the Loire Valley. Its fertile fields have earned it a place as the “Garden of France” and its bike-friendly routes through breathtaking beauty invigorate the spirit. As we pedal through this luxuriant region, we’ll discover the other lush gifts it ...
Updated by CTG on 21 Apr 2014

Lake Garda to Venice: Cycling Italy’s Veneto

7 Days Easy-Moderate 175 MLS
When you behold the soft, rolling hills, limestone cliffs, citrus groves and quaint villages that shape the beauty of this region, you’ll understand why native son Andrea Palladio was inspired to create some of the most beautiful architecture the world has ever known. Along our bicycle paths, ...
Updated by CTG on 21 Apr 2014

Cycling Italy’s Middle Ages: Lucca to Pisa​

7 Days Easy-Moderate 203 MLS
Take in the countryside as we cycle along undulating rivers, through quaint villages, and even atop Lucca’s famous city walls. We’ll learn about Italy’s finest artists and explore the famed Campo dei Miracoli. Our taste buds will be delighted with fresh, local cuisine in trattorias and home ...
Updated by CTG on 21 Apr 2014

Under the Andalusian Sky

7 Days Easy-Moderate 221 MLS
Traveling in Spain we take our pleasant Mediterranean idyll one glorious day at a time, cycling a sundrenched landscape of gentle hills dotted with shining white villages. We’ll taste the fruits of the vegas in rich olive oils and sweet white vintages, and picnic with families that call this ...
Updated by CTG on 21 Apr 2014

Tuscany by the Sea

7 Days Easy-Moderate 175 MLS
In the unspoiled Maremma region, Tyrrhenian waves lap at white-sand beaches and ancient Etruscan routes trace protected wetlands that harbor an Italian aviary. Amidst this tranquil beauty, we reel past vineyards and poppy fields, pause for invigorating swims on magnificent shores, and explore ...
Updated by CTG on 21 Apr 2014

Tuscan Hill Towns

7 Days Mod-Advanced 210 MLS
Cypress-lined lanes lead us to magnificent medieval hill towns untouched by time. Endless vineyards produce some of the world’s finest vintages. And unspoiled valleys unfold for some of the most rewarding reels you’ll ever experience. Our routes connect you to its most cherished gems – San ...
Updated by CTG on 21 Apr 2014

The Tuscan Coast​

7 Days Easy-Moderate 178 MLS
And our most popular vacation reveals them all as we spin through spectacular landscapes of sea and sun-soaked hills. Fortified hill towns mark our progress, and ruins that predate ancient Rome remind us that we aren’t the first to fall in love with the sublime beauty here. Join us as we follow ...
Updated by CTG on 21 Apr 2014

The South Island

9 Days Easy-Moderate 310 MLS
The South Island of New Zealand boasts topography virtually unlike any other destination. From glacial mountains and a rugged coastline to dense rainforest, unique wildlife and even lively urban hubs, it’s all here, on one eclectic island. You’re sure to be inspired as we cycle through the ...
Updated by CTG on 21 Apr 2014

The Dalmatian Islands​

7 Days Moderate 175 MLS
The Croatian islands of Brac and Hvar are a cyclist’s dream, a thrilling and soulful tableau of azure waters, emerald hills, and a rich old-world culture where salty fishermen deliver the day’s catch to local eateries, stonecutters still practice an ancient art, and locals invite you into their ...
Updated by CTG on 21 Apr 2014

The Czech Republic, Germany & Austria

7 Days Easy 175 MLS
Traveling by train, boat and bicycle, you’ll wend your way to the gems of the Czech Republic, Germany and Austria. Explore Cesky Krumlov with its iconic castle … pedal through the Bavarian forest to picturesque Passau, the City of Three Rivers … cruise Austria’s Schlögener Schlinge and view the ...
Updated by CTG on 21 Apr 2014

The Best of the Danube​

7 Days Easy 175 MLS
You’ll venture through the rolling farmlands of Slovakia and past Hungary’s lofty castles, admiring beautiful streams and waterfalls, formal gardens and the mighty Danube River. Along the way, you’ll explore medieval royal cities, view remnants of the Roman Empire and stay at some of the world’s ...
Updated by CTG on 21 Apr 2014

Slovenia, Austria & Italy​

7 Days Easy 175 MLS
Those countries are Slovenia, Austria and Italy—and they are combined for you in an exceptional VBT itinerary. Pedaling along easy bike paths, you’ll be delighted by ever-changing vistas of pine forests, emerald lakes, sunny cornfields and snow-capped mountains, pausing to discover medieval ...
Updated by CTG on 21 Apr 2014

Provence: The Alpilles

7 Days Easy-Moderate 220 MLS
As you roll through the vineyards, fields, and olive and almond groves of the foothills of the Alpilles, you’ll pause to visit villages that have put their stamp on history. Marvel at the ruins of a Roman amphitheater and ancient aqueduct. Discover how the landscapes of Saint-Rémy inspired ...
Updated by CTG on 21 Apr 2014

Po River Valley and Lake Garda

7 Days Easy
Far more than a pleasant reel, our routes lead you to stone hamlets, charming lakeside villages, and historic cities where cherished traditions still thrive. Here, gentle roads hug villa-lined shores coveted even by ancient Romans. Corn fields and lush vineyards sway in the caress of warm ...
Updated by CTG on 21 Apr 2014

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