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Uri Tours
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Uri Tours

Uri Tours began over 10 years ago as a family-founded business. As Korean-Americans, with no family in North Korea, we set off as early tourists in the 90s to explore the other side of our roots. What we found was a set of people, not that much different from us or from our family in South Korea, with a unique culture and distinct way of living.

Now, Uri Tours is the largest provider of North Korea travel in the U.S. and we are the exclusive Sales and Ticketing Agent of Air Koryo in all of the Americas. We have been facilitating travel to North Korea for over 10 years. We work in conjunction with Pyongyang-based, Korean International Sports Travel Company, to organize tours for the public and we work with non-profit organizations, NGOs, universities, news agencies, corporations and individuals to assist in corporate programs and travel. We also provide DPRK visa processing services as well as consulting in a wide range of DPRK-related areas.
Their Tours

North Korea - Spring and National Day Editions

8 Days
Our North Korea Bike Tour is unlike any tour ever offered in the DPRK! We’ll cycle west for 12 km on the Road of Youth Heroes and tackle 30 km of beautiful, winding roads leading from Chonnae County to the picturesque Ulim Waterfalls. We’ll supplement these treks with leisurely rides like our 12 ...

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