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Unique Adventure
Contact Number:
+855 97 6666 997
+855 87 663 927
Preah Sangreach Tep Vong St
Stung Thmey Village, Svay Dangkum Commune
Sien Reap 17252
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Unique Adventure

Unique Adventure

The Cycle Tour

Unique Adventure is a leading bike company which is committed to catering a luxurious mountain bike tour to all skill levels of cycling. We are showing a great deal of variety travel style to bring the tourist to encounter the most charming places surround Cambodia. We will range from your easy family rides all the way to extremely fast paced expert, lower and medium ride. This tour will depend on our tour package rate that will include such as day tour, adventure tour, family ride, trekking, trip tour and with personal tour leader to make your trip relating to the provision of education. Particularly, we are aiming to educate locals and tourists about the grass-root of the new cultures and hand exploration in the most interesting facts in this country. Thus we decided to take all our knowledge and skills to put them together to form this bike tour with fun and adventurous experience that you will remember forever.
Their Tours

Kulen Mountain Biking

9 Hours Mod-Advanced 60 Km
A rough path leads to the less known villages Begin with a transfer about 20 minutes from the town where the top quality mountain bike has setup. Ride across sample backroad and weave your way through paddies fields.Taking mostly single track throughout the beautiful palm tree surroundings ...

Siem Reap Cycling Adventure

7 Hours Moderate 40 Km
Discover rustic, authentic and unspoiled places. This trip offers a snapshot of the local lifestyle and you will have freedom to experience this through cycling. With this bike tour, you will get a local, knowledgeable tour guide who will provide you with lots of insightful and fun information- ...

West Baray Bike Adventure

7 Hours Mod-Advanced 40 Km
Bike to the hidden temples jungle-covered Begin to size up on the quality of mountain bike and ride to the road less traveled. Your guide will lead you to the jungle trails and uncover the hidden temples that were lost in the forest even locals didn’t aware of those temples. With the beauty of ...

Temple Full Day Ride

7 Hours Easy-Moderate 35 Km
Adventure along the jungle trails After you arrive at Unique Adventure Shop, your guide will explain your tour itinerary, set you up with a mountain bike, and then we will begin the tour from our shop. We will cycle through the jungle along rugged back roads in order to see temples concealed by ...

Siem Reap Full Day Ride

7 Hours Moderate 40 Km
Templed-out? If you’re in Siem Reap, you’re going to do what everyone does “Visit Angkor Wat”, but what most people aren’t aware of is that if you cycle just 15 minutes outside of town you can escape the tourist trap and gain a true perspective of Cambodia. This is a tour designed for those who ...

Angkor Wat Sunrise Biking

7 Hours Easy-Moderate 35 Km
Angkor Sunrise Awaits The tour will begin with a transfer from your hotel to Angkor Wat. An early morning start will allow us to reach the temple well before the sun comes up so that you can find the ideal spot to view the sunrise and take photos. From our place at the famous lotus pond, we ...

Cycle and Explore Siem Reap Countryside

4 Hours Easy 20 Km
First, you will meet your tour guide at Unique Adventure shop and find a mountain bike that fits you. We will then head north out of town along charming back roads through the Siem Reap riverbank. After a short ride, we will reach the local market and discover local foods, which you are welcome ...

Siem Reap on Wheels

4 Days Easy-Moderate 100 KmAVG 33 Km
At times it feels like everybody in Cambodia is coming and going to Siem Reap the first day. Siem Reap exploration will create a lasting memory! Like a good blockbuster, this is the perfect tour for entertaining yourself in Siem Reap famed as the kingdom of the ancient city with a wide range ...

Sunset and Lifestyle Ride

4 Hours Easy 15 Km
“This tour offers you a panoramic view of the landscape and the perfect spot to watch the sunset and wash it down with a cold beverage and the evening breeze.” Welcome to our most popular tour “Sunset and Lifestyle”. If you want to explore the best sunset spots and learn about the local ...

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