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Uncharted Horizons Myanmar
Contact Number:
+95 9450062960
+95 9971176085
No. 109, 49th street
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Uncharted Horizons Myanmar

Uncharted Horizons Myanmar

Founded by a group of passionate adventurers with a thirst for travel and exploring of the unknown. Our vision is to provide unique cycling and trekking experiences, that enable our guests to see an alternative yet authentic side to Yangon and remote mountain regions.

Headquarted in Yangon, and with a soon to be opened basecamp in Mindat, Chin State in 2017, our team consists of well travelled and experienced foreign managers with more than ten years experience exploring and operating tours across Myanmar. Working alongside our local operations and sales team, who have all travelled and experienced the tours we operate to ensure our standards and tours remain unique.
Their Tours

Yangon Wild West

4 Hours 34 Km
Where East meets West, bustling city life, colorful traditional markets, scenic river crossings along the Yangon river, combined with cycling through green villages engaging with friendly locals. This is an experience that will allow you to explore an alternative but authentic Yangon and its ...
Updated by CTG on 29 May 2017

Twantay Explorer

1 Days 70 Km
Heading out to the Ayerwaddy Delta, this tour is designed for avid cyclists, who want to engage with local people. Passing through Dala, along quiet rural roads and rice fields, we stop at the python pagoda. We head on to Twantay stopping at Shwenandaw Pagoda and the areas famous pottery village ...
Updated by CTG on 29 May 2017

Islands and Rivers

4 Hours 28 Km
Escape the hustle & bustle of busy downtown Yangon, on one of our most popular day tours. Explore hidden backstreets and the Indian village of Dala, alongside quaint villages and colorful markets on the River Island. We undertake river crossings alongside cycling on this tour. Perfect for those ...
Updated by CTG on 29 May 2017

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