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TransyBike offers fully supported cycling tours. We chose the representative regions of Transylvania. These places are Romania’s cultural, natural and touristic treasure boxes.
Their Tours

Saxonland - In search of a lost civilisation

6 Days Easy-Moderate Reviews
Saxonland is a fairy place which grabs you in a second. We will cycle through beautiful valleys, rolling hills, chilly forests. Villages of gingerbread houses, fortified churches rest on our route. The Transylvanian Saxon Heritage Trail is one of Romania’s most important touristic attractions ...
Updated by TransyBike on 20 Dec 2014

Maramures - The forgotten pearl

6 Days Moderate Reviews
Maramures. It’s a unique destination, considered by many to be the soul of rural Romania. With its picturesque settlements, green hills and fields full of wildflowers, Maramures represents all that means life in the countryside. Visitors of this region have the unique opportunity to go back in ...
Updated by TransyBike on 20 Dec 2014

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