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Weekly Road Bike Tour in Northern Italian Lakes

8 Days Mod-Advanced 500 KmAVG 83 Km
This weekly guided road cycling holiday showcases the region around Northern Italian Lakes, offering undulating roads and climbs for intermediate cyclists, who love to climb. Cycle the road less travelled through the Northern Italy's Lake District: rolling hills wooded valleys, narrow climbs ...

Escape Road Bike Tour in Northern Italian Lakes

5 Days Mod-Advanced 250 KmAVG 83 Km
This  5-day guided road cycling holiday is real escape and riding on few-traffic roads for intermediate cyclists, who love to climb. This cycling holiday based in one hotel showcases the area from the comfort of our lakeside hotel at Colmegna. Lake Maggiore is Italy’s second largest lake and ...

Weekend Road Bike Tour in Northern Italian Lakes

5 Days Mod-Advanced 250 KmAVG 83 Km
This weekend cycling holiday to Varese in Northern Italian Lakes will let you the experience of these lakes and mountains by bike. Varese is a pleasant hillside town located in Lombardy, close to Piedmont and to Switzerland, in the foothills of the Swiss-Italian Pre-Alps, a 10-minute ride from ...

Gentle Cycling Tour in Northern Italian Lakes

6 Days Easy-Moderate
The Northern Italy's Lake District isn't flat. You might think that this is not the place for more relaxed rides or for gentle and slow cycling.  However, we have designed rides mainly along cycle paths and back roads where you can avoid cycling any big hills and medium sized hills as well. ...

Dolomites' Secret Downhill Climbs

5 Days Easy-Moderate 120 KmAVG 40 Km
This bilingual bike tour allows you to experience Italy’s German-speaking South Tyrol region. This does not mean you’ll be eating spaetzle-filled cannolis, but it does mean you’ll be experiencing the unique meshing of two cultures within the spectacular folds of Italy’s Dolomite Mountains ...

The Bilingual Greenway: From Bolzano to Verona

5 Days Easy-Moderate 155 KmAVG 51 Km
Looking for a trip that combines a sense of achievement, safe biking on easy terrain, extraordinary landscapes, diverse culture, great gastronomy, and more? This Italian cycling tour delivers it all in a mere five days! Starting from Bolzano in the mountains, you’ll end your journey in Verona ...

Tuscany Road Bike Cycling Holiday

8 Days Adv-Challenging 480 KmAVG 68 Km
Sport activity combined with overnights in culture and art cities like Volterra, San Gimignano and Siena. Enjoying the wines and the tasty Tuscan cooking will make your Tuscany bike tour just unforgettable! You will experience all sides of Tuscany’s wonderful landscape, cycling in the hilly ...

Sassi And Trulli Cycling Tour

8 Days Easy-Moderate 280 KmAVG 40 Km
Leaving from Matera’s “Sassi” and the rock caves and stone houses, you will reach the Itria Valley, a karstic land also called the Valley of the Trulloes due to the thousands of “trulli”, limestone dwellings that are remarkable examples of drywall constructions offering a prehistoric building ...

Coast To Coast Cycling Tour

8 Days Mod-Advanced 460 KmAVG 65 Km
After the first 2 days in the Murgia Plateau, you will reach a really unbeaten but perfect land for cyclists: no traffic and terrific landscapes. You will cross valleys, climb the Apennines, and reach the Pollino National Park, the largest natural area in Italy, ending in Maratea, where there is ...

SFIDA Dolomites + Stelvio

8 Days Mod-Advanced 605 KmAVG 86 Km
What can be said of the Dolomites and Stelvio that you haven't heard yet? If you want to ride there, SFIDA Cycling is offering you an itinerary that cover most of the iconic climbs of the region. From the Sella Ronda to the Passo del Mortirolo, from the Passo Fedaia to the Passo Gavia, the ...

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