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The bike tours profiled here are all welcoming to gay or lesbian cyclists (and/or tourists!). However should you prefer to join a tour that is specifically for LGBT cyclists then check out

Tour de Riesling Rail Trail

3 Days Easy-Moderate 85 KmAVG 42 Km
Your Tour de Clare Valley is a self-guided itinerary, so you can cycle at your own pace, stop for as long as you want at the designated stops, and explore places off the beaten path if your heart desires. Having said that, Tour de Vines has ensured if you follow nothing else but this itinerary ...
Updated by Bent Spokes Travel Club on 13 Feb 2018

Puglia Gay Bike Tour

8 Days Moderate 270 KmAVG 45 Km
Join Italy Gay Travels on an amazing Gay Bike Tour in the southernmost tip of Puglia, known as Salento. Fast becoming the gay destination of South Italy, this area is rich in culture, food, awe inspiring landscapes, white sandy beaches and some gay nightlife for good measure! Our tour is set at ...
Updated by Italy Gay Travels on 21 Jun 2017

Annapurna Fun Ride

10 Days Moderate 90 KmAVG 18 Km Blog Reviews
IMA Muktinath Fun Bike Ride tour has been designed for busy professional as a quick getaway from demanding job and daily routine for a simple active relaxation to recharge for next bout of work and to get inspired by incredible scenery in the heart of Himalayas. IMA offers 16 departures per ...
Updated by Infinite Mountain Adventure on 28 Jun 2016

Upper Mustang Mountain Biking

20 Days Adv-Challenging 250 KmAVG 16 Km Reviews
IMA Upper Mustang Mountain Bike Ride package is an amazing physical and cultural mountain biking adventure to the remote kingdom of Lo (Upper Mustang). Special May departure coordinates with Tiji Tibetan Buddhist Festival in Lo Manthang. Upper Mustang Mountain Bike Ride is not a technical ...
Updated by Infinite Mountain Adventure on 28 Jun 2016

Berlin to Dresden

7 Days Moderate 180 KmAVG 45 Km
Guided 5 day, 6 night cycling trip from Berlin to Dresden. Distances cycled daily are moderate. The shortest distance, is on the 2nd day and is about 28 km at most. The longest distance is on the 4th day of 54 km, with 22 km in the morning and 32 km in the afternoon. At an easy pace of 10 km ...
Updated by CTG on 4 Sep 2017

Tour of Berlin

5 Hours Easy 15 Km
Berlin is the capital city and one of 16 states of Germany, with a population nearing 4 million (a little less than New Zealand’s). It is Germany’s largest and second most populous city and the eighth most populous urban area in the European Union. The city enjoys a temperate seasonal ...
Updated by CTG on 4 Sep 2017

Berlin to Potsdam

1 Days Easy 28 Km
This relaxed, full day cycling tour takes you from the centre of Berlin either through the Tiergarten or from Viktoria Luise Platz and then west through the City’s affluent western suburbs to the forests to the south-west of the Capital, around Wannsee lake and on to Potsdam, famous for its ...
Updated by CTG on 4 Sep 2017

Big Loire, Little Loir

6 Days Easy-Moderate
Here’s the perfect introduction to biking in Europe. Many gay and lesbian cyclists couldn’t think of anything better than a week on a bicycle. But those with less experience may prefer to start with a shorter trip. This 5-day tour, which combines nicely with a few nights in Paris, is the perfect ...
Updated by CTG on 9 Jan 2018

Cycling Spain’s Camino de Santiago

8 Days Moderate
James Michener described this journey as one of the three best in the world, and you will learn why when you accompany us on this mystical adventure that is the Santiago de Compostela,” a pilgrimage across northern Spain to the sanctuary at Santiago de Compostela.” Since the bones of St ...
Updated by CTG on 9 Jan 2018

Puglia Villa

8 Days Easy-Moderate
Spend a week cycling along ancient Roman lanes, coastal drives and mountain paths. Each night, relax at an authentic gay owned and operated agriturismo, enjoying a glass of wine from the villa’s vineyards, gourmet meals, and a dip in the pool, with cute locals always stopping by to enjoy the ...
Updated by CTG on 17 Nov 2017

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