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Tours du Tarn
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France +33 0671707400
UK +44 7916454823
As Plos
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Tours du Tarn

Tours du Tarn

"We are four France-lovers who have spent decades holidaying in France and dreaming we could stay forever.​

In 2015 we made that dream a reality and bought our property - As Plos Heights - with the idea of leaving the UK, starting afresh and changing our lives entirely. We gave up careers in Museums, PR and communications and University administration to begin a completely new life in France.

Now we run cycling holidays and cycling-friendly accommodation in sunny southwest France and aim to introduce this beautiful region to those with a love of seeing the sights on two wheels.

As Plos Heights is our home and we couldn’t be more pleased to share it with you. We look forward to welcoming you to this wonderful place."

Marcus, Charlotte, Mel and Jim
Their Tours

Tour du Tarn - Leisure

8 Days Easy-Moderate
France is a wonderful country that takes life slowly, so it makes sense that one of the best ways to see it is on two wheels. Join us on a week-long leisure cycling tour ending each day back at base with a three-course meals, Gaillac wines and all whilst staying at our beautiful retreat in ...

Tour du Tarn - Training Break

5 Days Mod-Advanced
Are you a racing cyclist, triathlete, in training for a sportive event or just love road cycling? Do you ride as a group and want accommodation combined with great roads that build fitness, stamina and provide something just a bit different to your normal routine? You'll be surprised when ...

Tour du Tarn - Road Cycling

8 Days Mod-Advanced
You'll be surprised when you discover the cycling that's on offer in our region - it's a well kept secret that your club mates don't know about! Who is it for? For: Cyclists with road bikes with a good level of fitness Level: Moderate - challenging Average distance: 65m / 103km per day ...

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