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These are tours operated by or through various tourism organisations. For contact details please refer to the individual tour listing.
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DMZ Bike Tour

3 Hours 17.2 Km
Korea is home to an area unique and famous all over the world. That area is the DMZ (Demilitarized Zone), dividing the Korean peninsula into two nations along the ceasefire line, which has a 4km width, extending 2km into each country according to the truce agreement. After going through the ...

Literature and Bike Tour: Famous Painters of Geneva

3 Hours
A professional guide will lead you to where Geneva’s art first saw the light of day. Hans Ernie, Ferdinand Holder, Edouard Castres and Bram Van Velde belong to the painters who left their artistic mark on Geneva. From the UN building to the Place des XXII Cantons, along the shores of Lake ...

Karlsruhe by bike

2 Hours
This tour will take you through the vibrant city and past the Karlsruhe Palace, ZKM, and Baden State Theater to the city’s many green oases. As a special highlight, you can get your picture taken with Karlsruhe native and "father of the bicycle", Baron Drais von Sauerbronn, on his trolley.

LittleBigCity Bike Tour Zürich

3 Hours
Groups or individuals of any age with an average level of fitness are welcome. Citybikes are provided and are well maintained. Do join in for this comprehensive City Tour. We cross the historic center (not allowed for coaches) and come face to face with Zurich’s past and present. Did you know ...

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