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A Rolloff is a cycling event whereby riders set off from a hill rise and freewheel as far as they can onto a flat or slightly rising runout. The chain is dropped off the front chainwheel and the only �push� allowed is from the single foot on the ground at the start. The other foot must be on a pedal. The winner is the rider who �rolls� the furthest from the start line. A Rolloff is classically done on a mountain bike. The course should have no corners sharp enough to require braking although such runs are often used in training. Courses are primarily on sealed roads but may have sections of dirt.There is nothing quite like the buzz of rolling past a struggling, almost stationary opponent........The Rolloff is perhaps THE great leveller in cycling. Fitness plays little part and it is one of the few sports (Equestrian anyone?) where men and women can compete on an equal footing. Does body or bike weight improve your chances? Does sleekness or aerodynamics play any meaningful part?


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