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Tour de Alsace
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Guided, Hosted (Ride Leader)
Vehicle Support
7 days
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Cost From:
AUD 3500
Tour Distance & Dates
Jun, Aug
Tour Operator:
Tour de Vines
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Tour de Alsace

7 Days Moderate-Advanced

This 7 day moderate to challenging Cycling Tour Alsace is a journey into an incredibly beautiful and diverse region of France. The cycling is mixed, with days of flat riding along valley floors, shouldered by endless rows of unfathomably steep vineyards, interspersed with days of moderate hilly climbs. This tour can be enjoyed by anyone with a some cycling experience, knowing that the support vehicle is never far away.

Alsace is on the eastern border of France with Germany, and is undoubtedly one of the world’s best wine destinations. However keen you are to experience the stunning wines, you can’t help but be struck by Alsace’s beauty. It has been awarded the title of World’s Best Region for Wine Tourism for good reason – it ticks all the boxes: Natural beauty; Quality & Diversity of Wines, Amazing hotels & restaurants; Historical & Cultural attractions; Dedicated cycling tour pathways – yes, yes, yes, yes & yes!
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