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Taking part in one of our guided tours means exploring Rome with an expert guide capable of taking you in a totally relaxed way around Rome, where every open square is a discovery, every alley is a surprise and there is an unexpected encounter around every corner.

An experience to be enjoyed in total relaxation:

With no orientation problems, roaming around with someone who knows the city and who will always make the best choice to seek Rome's beauty, safety and easiness in biking: 80-90% of the routes are closed to traffic or with limited traffic.
With no parking problems, no having to keep an eye on the bike if you want to visit a church, take a photo break, or simply exchange views with other tour participants while savoring a typical Italian ice cream or drinking coffee.
Paying attention just to the sights and enjoying a city which is too difficult to visit by car, too large to perceive on foot and too rich in atmosphere and personality to be discovered sitting on the top deck of a tourist bus!
Their Tours

Alviano Nature Reserve - Civita di Bagnoregio - Orvieto

14 Hours Mod-Advanced
This is a full day tour that takes place in the North of Lazio and the Southern tip of Umbria. After about an hour's journey by train we will proceed by bike along the Tiber Valley in the Nature Reserve of Alviano and then go all the way up (it's a rather long uphill slope, but the few stretches ...
Updated by CTG on 22 Oct 2013

Ancient Appian Way and Castel Gandolfo Lake

9 Hours Moderate
A tour for mountainbikers that want to have fun on this itinerary through a breathtaking scenery. A ride towards the lake of Castel Gandolfo (the summer residence of the Pope), biking through the well preserved Roman countryside, finding yourself in the true nature and discovering landscapes ...
Updated by CTG on 22 Oct 2013

Panoramic Rome

4.5 Hours Easy-Moderate
...The Aventine Hill, the Janiculum Hill, the Capitoline Hill, the best panoramic views of the city. A tour that allows to view the most important domes and monuments of Rome from a suitable distance to perceive them as a whole. An itinerary that allows you to observe well-known monuments like ...
Updated by CTG on 22 Oct 2013

Rome Afternoon tour

4 Hours Easy
Coming along with us on the Rome Afternoon tour you discover many of the main highlights of the Eternal City, but also parts that are just known by the Romans themselves and that hide beauties and legends you would not easily discover going around on your own. Narrow alleys with little shops ...
Updated by CTG on 22 Oct 2013

Rome City Centre

4 Hours Easy
Going from the ancient monuments to the elegant shopping streets, from the Baroque squares to Renaissance palaces, from the Churches housing art masterpieces to beautiful fountains. An itinerary which "touches on" the main attractions of Rome, without omitting working-class alleys, small hidden ...
Updated by CTG on 22 Oct 2013

Rome in 1 day

7 Hours Easy
Explore the beauty of the Eternal City during our 7-hour Rome in 1 day Bike Tour. The tour will start off viewing the beautiful Colosseum from top of the Fagutal hill going onwards passing by the Imperial Forums and from there to many more of Rome’s breathtaking ancient spots and hidden ...
Updated by CTG on 22 Oct 2013

Ancient Appian Way, Catacombs and Aqueducts Park

7 Hours Easy
Pedaling on a 2,300 year-old cobblestone Roman road, while going past an ancient sepulchre, a Roman statue, the ruins of a circus and an imperial palace; leaving the "regina viarum" heading towards the ancient Roman aqueducts that rise over the fields into the horizon and following them on their ...
Updated by CTG on 22 Oct 2013

While great care has been taken to show full and correct tour details, Cycle Tours Global does not take responsibility for any errors or ommissions. Plans or bookings should not be made exclusively based on information shown on this website but must be confirmed with the tour operator.