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The Gorgeous Gorges of France
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15 days
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USD 4000
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Aug, Sep
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The Gorgeous Gorges of France

15 Days

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600 million years ago, much of what is present day France, was covered by water. Vast plains of limestone sediments formed, then to the east tectonic forces were forming the Alps, and to the northwest, the volcanic mountains of the Massif Central began lifting the underwater rock. The soft limestone began eroding, creating deep gorges. These gorgeous gorges are the inspiration for this amazing bicycle tour.

There are many gorges in southern France and we will visit many of them. Our route is designed around the three largest gorges, the Gorges du Tarn, the Gorge de l’Ardeche, and the Grand Canyon du Verdon. These gorges are spectacular, with vertical cliffs up to 1600 feet high. Sometimes we will be cycling along the top edges of the cliffs looking straight down and other times winding along the bottom where often the light of day is rarely seen. A myriad of rivers, including the Tarn, Aveyron, Lot, and Ardeche originating high in the mountains, cut these deep gorges, and their steep rocky cliffs provide perches for some of the most beautiful villages in France.

Erosion of the limestone cliffs has formed many caves, one of the most famous is the Chauvet Cave which is directly on our route, situated at the head of the Gorges de l’Ardeche. Discovered in 1994 it contains the earliest and best preserved prehistoric cave paintings in the world. The cave is unavailable to the general public, but a very detailed replica should be finished in early 2017 and give us a great opportunity to experience this amazing historical location.

We’ll ride hard, but rest, relax, eat and drink very well, as only we cyclists can! Most of you have done bits and pieces of this tour, but our ‘Special Collection’ of routes and places will make for a great ride.
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