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The Cycle Tourist e-Book and Cycle Tours Global – A Great Fit!

The Cycle Tourist e-Book and Cycle Tours Global – A Great Fit!
With the 2014 cycle touring season already on the horizon, a new e-book has been released on that makes choosing an organised cycling tour all that much easier.

The Cycle Tourist’, which was written by award-winning Australian journalist Gary Corbett, is the first book on the market to take a “warts and all” look at the cycle tourism industry.

As well as going into detail about the various types of organised cycling tours that are available and how to choose a tour that is “just right” for you, the book also takes a close look at the fine print attached to all tours and the information that cycle tour companies may or may not let you know about prior to booking a tour.
The result is a detailed look at all aspects of the cycle tourism industry, a very quickly growing niche within the worldwide tourism industry.

Over the past 10 or so years the number of companies organising cycle tours has ballooned, with current estimates putting the number of tours offered by more than 1000 tour operators worldwide in excess of 10,000.

The rapid growth in the industry and the resultant huge leap in the number and variety of cycle tours offered, means just one thing for cycle tourists – never before seen choice.
While today there is an ever increasing number of tours available in the traditional cycle tour stomping grounds of Europe and the USA, there are many, many more new choices also available in places as diverse as South Korea, Australia, the Middle East and South America.
But how do you pick a cycle tour that ticks all of your boxes from such a wide range of tour types and cycle tour operators?

While you can scour the internet or you can go through an almost never ending list of tour operators searching for a tour that meets your criteria for date, destination and type of tour, there is a much easier, modern way – internet cycle tour search engines.

Search engines like that offered by Cycle Tours Global at tap into a massive database of cycle tours worldwide, ensuring that no matter what country, what type of tour or what time of the year, you are certain to find a tour that is just perfect for you.

So no matter if you want to tour famous chateaus in France, explore the Mongolian deserts, visit the burial sites of the Etruscan kings in Italy, sample the cosmopolitan vibrancy of Buenos Aires or chill out cycling in the Australian outback, all tour details are instantly available.

The Cycle Tours Global database has several thousand bicycle tours for you peruse covering more than half the countries in the world, with filters helping to narrow down your search.

Once you have found a tour that is just right for you, ask all relevant questions of the tour operator as detailed in The Cycle Tourist’ e-book and you will be primed and ready for an amazing cycle tour holiday.

Happy cycling!

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