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The Battambang Bike
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The Battambang Bike

The Battambang Bikes came about from a visiting Canadian guy, Jam, who just loved cycling. Jam found out for himself that Battambang city and the surrounding countryside and the Cambodian people are simply beautiful.

From this, he thought the best way of sharing what he had found for himself was to get some of the best bike tours around created, so anyone else who visited, could easily do the same. The Battambang Bike was established, 2012.

Jam's moved on, and taken with him some magical memories of Battambang province and people, and his bicycle of course....….but he employed local youth entrepreneurs, who had the same vision and now these guys totally run the show, with the same passion and love for their Country, and desire to share for the same reasons that Jam had.

So these days, we're English speaking local guides with a very good knowledge of the area and we just love sharing the good, rich, local culture.We are also proud to be an ethical business, not an NGO, owned and run by Cambodian youth, for Cambodian youth, paying fair wages and investing in staff training and development. Bikes don't fix themselves yet, so we know our repairs are always good and safe.

Our mission is to bridge the connections between locals and visitors in a fun, healthy, responsible fashion.....and we love bikes.
To engage locals, foreigners, and visitors in a vibrant biking community, while also encouraging them to gain a deeper appreciation and understanding of Battamabang’s rich cultural history and growing contemporary arts scene.
We are a local business, not an NGO, but we approach our work with a commitment to ethical tourism and responsible engagement with the community around us:

_ Making tours accessible to any and all Cambodians who are interested.
_ Paying fair wages and investing heavily in local staff training and development.
_ Fostering a culture of respect for Battambang’s history and Cambodia’s culture.
_ Encouraging guests to patronize other socially responsible businesses in the city.
_ Minimizing our environmental impact.
Their Tours

Phnom Sampov Discovery

4 Hours
Phnom Sampov is a natural and historical site located along National Road 57 about 15km from the provincial town. Atop 100-meter-high mountain stands a pagoda and three natural carves: Pkasla, Lakhaon and Aksopheak. Pkasla cave is full of uprooted stones and is considered important because it is ...
Updated by CTG on 22 Jul 2015

Battambang City Tour

4 Hours
Spending on a tour that combines walking, a boat ride and then cycling along and across the Sangke River to experience Battambang daily life. The tour includes prayers with monks as well as rich explanations of the city’s design and artistic heritage. Our signature tour, the Architectural Tour ...
Updated by CTG on 22 Jul 2015

Authentic Folk Livelihoods

1 Days
A ideally way connecting you to the community, just heading out of the town North to discover the real experience of traditional livelihoods industry in Battambang, we will leave gives you a real taste of authentic Cambodian village life. as well as it will allow you to interact with rural ...
Updated by CTG on 22 Jul 2015

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