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The Active Gourmet
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The Active Gourmet

The Active Gourmet

The Active Gourmet Travel designs active holidays for people who love good food, good wine, and discovering special places
Their Tours

The French Basque Country

11 Days Easy-Moderate
The French Basque Country (Pays Basque) is not large, but it’s very diverse. The rugged coastline produces great seafood that forms the basis of many of the meals, and the rolling green countryside produces beef cattle and sensational sheep cheeses. The Basques are an ancient race with a ...
Updated by CTG on 26 Feb 2018

The Essential Loire

10 Days Easy-Moderate
With its meandering rivers and lush green vineyards, fields of sunflowers and bountiful orchards, this mellow land of plenty has rightly earned the title of the 'Garden of France'. Although it’s best known for its numerous Renaissance chateaux, the Loire area has many charming little ...
Updated by CTG on 26 Feb 2018

Provence, The Vaucluse

9 Days Easy-Moderate Reviews
This very special part in the north of Provence, the Vaucluse is rich with truffles, lavender, honey and wonderful wines. Even the food tastes and smells of sunshine! We'll picnic in some of the most beautiful settings you can imagine, play pétanque, glass of pastis in hand, in the shadow of ...
Updated by CTG on 26 Feb 2018

The Essential Bordeaux

12 Days Easy-Moderate
The Bordeaux region, an area in the SW of France, is full of bastides. Before you get the wrong idea, bastides are fortified towns, many built by the English in medieval times – we’ll visit several during this tour. This area is dominated by the huge Dordogne and Garonne rivers and its ...
Updated by CTG on 26 Feb 2018


7 Days
Walk, cycle and enjoy the comforts of our support vehicle as we explore Piedmont, Italy’s most bountiful region. Glorious wines, powerful seasonal cuisine – don’t miss this chance to get off the beaten track. Piedmont is a land of plenty traversed by the mighty Po River, and reaching the ...
Updated by CTG on 26 Feb 2018

South Tuscany & Umbria

Take this wonderful opportunity to approach the cuisine of this bountiful region the way the locals do – with enthusiasm, with relish – con gusto! Absorb the special smells of the countryside as you cycle or wander on tiny white roads through fields of sunflowers. Experience the rhythms of ...
Updated by CTG on 26 Feb 2018


6 Days
St-Rémy-de-Provence is the quintessential provencal town. Striped awnings, well-stocked shops, cafes full of people enjoying refreshing drinks and watching the passing parade. Both the Romans and the Greeks spent many years in this area and many of their buildings are still standing today ...
Updated by CTG on 26 Feb 2018

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