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Teton Mountain Bike Tours
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Jackson WY 83002
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Teton Mountain Bike Tours

Their Tours

Yellowstone & Jackson Hole Adventure

5 Days
Join TMBT for a trip of a lifetime! Begin your exciting day by biking along the eastern borders of Grand Teton National Park. Take in the open sagebrush plains while enjoying exceptional views of five different mountain ranges surrounding the Jackson Hole valley, where the deer and the antelope ...

Winter Wildlife Tours

4 Hours
Teton Mountain Bike Tours will be offering Winter Wildlife Van Tours in Grand Teton National Park and the National Elk Refuge. Join us for a Wildlife Tour in the morning and see, learn and experience the animals that live in the Greater Jackson Hole area during the Winter Season.

Teton View Tour

6 Hours 20 MLS
This mountain bike tour follows along the eastern border of Grand Teton National Park through the open sagebrush plains with incredible views of the Teton Range. The tour travels on a combination of less traveled paved & dirt roads with moderate terrain - an exciting full day riding experience.

Spread Creek Tour

4 Hours Moderate 15 MLS
This mountain bike tour follows the Spread Creek Drainage thru incredible mountain meadows and aspen groves with prize winning views of the Teton Mountain Range. This tour uses a combination of dirt service roads and singletrack routes whose terrain is moderate. An awesome mountain bike riding ...

Snake River Tour

5 Hours Moderate 15 MLS
This mountain bike tour follows the famous Snake River with the refreshing scenery of the river's basin while offering spectacular views of the Teton mountain range. The Snake River watershed provides a great habitat for frequent sightings of various wildlife. This tour uses a less traveled ...

Old Faithful Tour

10 Hours 15 MLS
This mountain bike tour travels along the Firehole River to the remote Lone Star geyser. The tour proceeds to the Upper Geyser Basin - home of the world famous Old Faithful geyser and other geo-thermal wonders such as the Castle, Grotto, Riverside and Daisy geysers and the Morning Glory pool ...

Mason Draw Tour

8 Hours Moderate 15 MLS
This mountain bike tour starts in Dubois, Wyoming - known as "The Valley of the Warm Winds" and rides on a wide open mesa with awesome views of the Absaroka & Wind River Mountain Ranges.

Jenny Lake Tour

4 Hours 10 MLS
This bike tour will use the "New Pathway" in Grand Teton National Park, Wyoming. The tour rides directly beneath the majestic peaks of the Teton Mountain Range through wide open sagebrush plains with bordering lodge pole pine & aspen forests. This is an out & back route on a paved pathway ...

Flagstaff Tour

7 Hours Moderate 18 MLS
This mountain bike tour begins in the high alpine meadows of the Togwotee Pass area with its abundance of colorful wildflowers and follows the Flagstaff Creek through lush pine forests to Lily Lake and Sagebrush Flats. This tour offers breathtaking views of the Teton range around each corner ...

Fall Elk Bugling Tour to Jenny Lake

4 Hours
Ride the New Pathway in Grand Teton National Park at the base of the awesome Teton Mountain Range as the Elk Herds enter the valley for the Fall Mating Season. Listen to the remarkable sounds of the Bull (Male) Elk bugling and possibly see them in a sparring match for the right to mate with the ...

Buffalo Valley Tour

6 Hours 18 MLS
This mountain bike tour begins in the mountain pine forest of the Angle Mountain area with a gradual descent thru beautiful alpine meadows to the Buffalo River Valley. The tour begins on a less traveled service road and continues onto a scenic country road with some singletrack options - an ...

Bondurant Tour

4 Hours Moderate 15 MLS
This mountain bike tour follows the contours of Cliff Creek through mountain pine and aspen forests with outstanding views of the Wyoming & Gros Ventre Mountain Ranges. The tour travels along a dirt service road with some singletrack options, the terrain is moderate. An excellent full day riding ...

Antelope Flats Tour

4 Hours Easy
This mountain bike tour travels along the sagebrush flats on the eastern slopes of Grand Teton National Park. The sagebrush flats are home to the roaming antelope and indeed this tour is relatively flat, making this our easiest tour. This tour offers prize-winning views of the entire Teton range ...

A Jackson Hole Biking & Rafting Adventure

1 Days
From the road to the river, enjoy a morning Bike Tour and an afternoon Whitewater Adventure. Join Teton Mountain Bike Tours and Barker-Ewing River Trips for a day to write home about! Start your day off with a bike ride beneath the majesty of the Tetons, and follow it up with a whitewater trip ...

Combo Wildlife/Bike Tour

1 Days
Join us for a Wildlife/Bike Combo Tour through Grand Teton National Park and the National Elk Refuge. Your trip will include a Wildlife Van Tour in the morning – see and learn about the Wildlife in Jackson Hole – Lunch at Local Eatery in the Park – a Winter Bike Tour in the afternoon ...

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