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The Great Wall
Tour Location
China, Mongolia
Ulan Bator
Tour Information
Hosted (Ride Leader)
Vehicle Support
13 days
Mixed On/Off Road
Tour Language:
Cost From:
USD 2550
Tour Distance & Dates
1420 Km
Riding Days:
Daily Average:
129 Km
May 12 - May 24, 2018
Tour Operator:
TDA Global Cycling
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The Great Wall

The Silk Route journey begins!

13 Days Moderate 1420 KmAVG 129 Km

The Silk Route journey begins in Beijing, China’s political and cultural capital, not to mention the 3rd largest city in the world. With a rich history stretching back over 3,000 years, you will enjoy exploring its fascinating museums and historic buildings before your epic ride begins. In fact, Beijing contains 7 UNESCO World Heritage sites so it’s best to arrive early if you plan to do some exploring.

Once the cycling begins, the riders will head northwest out of the metropolis and will soon encounter another of the world’s wonders, the Great Wall of China. Designed to keep the Mongol hordes at bay, it now serves as a marker for our entry into the Mongolian homeland as we follow one of the ancient Silk Road trading routes to Ulan Bator.

The landscape now gradually changes as the Chinese countryside transforms into the renown Gobi desert, home to many famous Silk Road cities. Once we pedal into Mongolia proper this harsh environment, where temperatures can change up to 35C in 24 hours, will test the riders’ resolve but may also reward them with some spectacular vistas and perhaps even views of gazelles, wild asses and bactrian camels.

A rest day in the Mongolian city of Sainshand will allow the cyclists to head out in the Gobi to explore such sights as the reconstructed monastery of Khamaryn Khiid or the spiritual temple of Bayanzurkh Uul. Four more days of cycling through the Gobi desert brings the riders to historic Ulan Bator and the end of the Great Wall section of the Silk Route.
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