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Pharaoh's Delight
Tour Location
Egypt, Sudan
Cairo, Egypt
Khartoum, Sudan
Tour Information
Hosted (Ride Leader)
Vehicle Support, Luggage Transfer
21 days
Mixed On/Off Road
Tour Language:
Cost From:
USD 3750
Tour Distance & Dates
2278 Km
Riding Days:
Daily Average:
127 Km
7 January 2018
Tour Operator:
TDA Global Cycling
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Pharaoh's Delight

The Tour d’Afrique starts on the outskirts of Cairo at the legendary Pyramids of Giza, one of the original 7 Wonders of The World. After the opening ceremony with the enigmatic Sphinx looking on, your intrepid journey begins outside Cairo in the Eastern desert.

21 Days Moderate 2278 KmAVG 126 Km

Turning south at the Red Sea you follow the coastal highway to Safaga, before climbing inland to meet the Nile River at Qena. In Luxor, the opportunity to explore several of the most magnificent archeological sites in the world should not be missed, including the Temple of Karnak, the Valley of the Kings, and the Valley of the Queens. From there, the route continues south along the banks of the mother Nile towards Aswan and Nubian Egypt.

South of Aswan you’ll cycle along the fringes of the Sahara en route to Abu Simbel, home to the famed Nubian monuments built by Ramses II. After a quick ferry ride across Lake Nasser, you enter Sudan along a new road and recently opened border crossing.

Sudan is one of the world’s most remote and least visited countries. Do not presume what you read in the western press is true for once there you will discover that the Sudanese are among the world’s friendliest people.

For many riders this is where the “real” Africa begins. With the Nile River as companion, you will spin past minarets and through palm grove villages that have hardly changed in hundreds of years. “Progress” however has come as the sandy tracks that the tour used to traverse the Nubian Desert on have been replaced by smooth Chinese funded tarmac. This section ends with a convoy ride into the Sudanese capital of Khartoum, which sits at the confluence of the Blue and White Nile rivers. After the heat and dust of the desert, Khartoum seems to be part oasis and part mirage.

The “Pharaoh’s Delight” is for those who want to feel the desert wind on their face and experience the romance of biking along one of the great rivers of the world, through the lands of the Pharaohs and the Nubian Kingdom of Cush. At times you will feel like you are one of the first travellers to come upon these forgotten lands. And on a bicycle, that’s pretty much the truth.
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