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Desert Coast
Tour Location
Mauritania, Morocco, Senegal
Tour Information
13 days
Tour Language:
Cost From:
USD 2900
Tour Distance & Dates
1325 Km
Riding Days:
Daily Average:
110 Km
Oct, Nov
October 30 - November 11, 2018
Tour Operator:
TDA Global Cycling
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Desert Coast

13 Days Moderate 1325 KmAVG 110 Km

This section begins in Dakhla, situated on a picturesque peninsula just north of the Tropic of Cancer. From here the riders will spin back to the mainland and turn their wheels south towards the border with Mauritania, one of the planet’s least visited countries and one that combines the culture of the Arab north with the African south. A 6 day stretch following the Atlantic Coast is briefly interrupted by the appearance of the Parc National du Banc d’Arguin, a World Heritage listed park that is a vital breeding ground and rest stop for migratory birds flying to and from Europe and South Africa.

The cyclists will have a chance to rest their tired legs during a day off in the nation’s capital, Nouakchott, although they may want to visit the city’s fish market, one of the most lively and colourful in Africa. A 3 day ride now takes the riders out of the Sahara and into the next country on the route, Senegal. First stop is Saint Louis, the site of the first French settlement in West Africa and blessed with some stunning colonial architecture. Next up is the Desert de Lompoul where the riders will cycle on the beach and camp out on some huge sand dunes. Finally the cyclists will visit the pink waters of Lac Rose before pulling into Dakar and the end of this diverse section.
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