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Baja California
Tour Location
Mexico, USA (Pacific West (CA NV OR WA))
Yuma, Arizona
La Paz, Mexico
Tour Information
Vehicle Support
18 days
On Road
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Cost From:
On Request
Tour Distance & Dates
1455 Km
Riding Days:
Daily Average:
97 Km
Sep, Oct
September 26 - October 13, 2019
Tour Operator:
TDA Global Cycling
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Baja California

Into Mexico, cervezas, cactus forests, and beach camping…

18 Days Moderate 1455 KmAVG 97 Km

After maneuvering our way past Mexican customs we cross the remnants of the Colorado river and head down the eastern Gulf of California side of the Baja peninsula on Highway 5. Our first rest day is in the waterfront town of San Felipe where the gorgeous beaches and delicious seafood will tempt us with early retirement.

Instead we pedal on, basking in sunshine, and dipping in the indigo Sea of Cortez. South of Puertecitos we have a 120 km off road gauntlet to negotiate before we meet the Trans-Baja highway at Chapala. After entering the state of Baja California Sur we arrive for a rest day in Guerrero Negro on the Laguna Ojo de Liebre which is known for being a whale watching heritage site and its small town Baja charm. We then traverse the cactus forest landscape of the Deserto de Vizcaino and pass by the Volcano of the 3 Virgins.

After camping on the beach at the Bahia Concepcion and a rest day in the small seaside town of Loreto we spin inland once more, towards the middle of the peninsula stopping for cervezas and open spit chicken in the junction of Ciudad Insurgentes. South of Ciudad Constitución, the world’s straightest road may make our minds wander elsewhere, but shortly thereafter our arrival in the bustling city of La Paz will bring us out of reverie. La Paz marks the end of our trans-Baja trek, here the riders can wander the Malecon promenade while the tour staff make the arrangements for our ferry crossing to Mazatlan.
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