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TDA Global Cycling
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TDA Global Cycling

TDA Global Cycling

TDA Global Cycling was conceived in the late 1980’s when Henry Gold, the company’s Founder and Director, was managing an international NGO that delivered humanitarian assistance to disadvantaged communities in Ethiopia and other African countries. His original concept was to produce inexpensive, rugged mountain bikes in Africa, for Africans, as a low cost solution to local transportation needs, and to market this new bicycle by organizing a cycling race across the continent – the Tour d’Afrique.

While the mountain bike project did not take off, the pioneering vision of the Tour d’Afrique proved irresistible. On January 15, 2003, thirty-three cyclists saddled up at the Pyramids at Giza and started pedaling south. Four months later, with Table Mountain and Cape Town in sight, they celebrated their dream and the Guinness World Record for the fastest human powered crossing of Africa.

The epic event in Africa continues to be one of their most popular tours (since 2017 it no longer has a racing component). This unique little company has grown, in leaps and bounds, through many trials and tribulations. Following in the spirit of the Tour d’Afrique, several more long distance cycling expeditions have been undertaken on 6 continents and in over 60 countries around the world, offering a variety of challenging, but achievable long distance cycling adventures to anyone willing to dare themselves.
Their Tours


33 Days Moderate 2800 KmAVG 103 Km
Carnival in Rio is one of those iconic world events that everyone should experience once in their lifetime – a whirlwind of colours, sounds and tastes. We asked ourselves what the best way to get there would be? Of course, the answer was obvious – on a bicycle. Join us for an incredible month ...

Last Stop Lisboa

9 Days Moderate 730 KmAVG 91 Km
First we cycle by the awe-inspiring NASA Deep Space Network satellites, where you can learn how this center communicates with the farthest reaches of the solar system. As your mind returns to earth we’ll continue west towards Monfrague National Park, where hundreds of vultures circle the steep ...

The Garden of Eden

11 Days Mod-Advanced 1165 KmAVG 116 Km
Set at the foot of the Alborz Mountains, Tehran is home to 14 million people and Iran’s political and social melting pot. Here one can see all the components and contradictions of Iranian society, from traditional chadors to modern fashion, from the National Jewels Museum to miles of unsightly ...

Magic Carpet Ride

11 Days Mod-Advanced 970 KmAVG 97 Km
Until his recent death the oil-rich country of Turkmenistan was best known for the bizarre personality cult of its President for Life Saparmurat Miyazov (called “Turkmenbashi,” or “leader of the Turkmen”). Ashgabat is a city being transformed into a fantasy of white marble palaces, modern ...

Mountains and Meadows

11 Days Adv-Challenging 1095 KmAVG 109 Km
The cyclists will pedal east through the arid landscape before climbing up into the foothills of the Tian Shan Mountains. Camping for the night near the Charyn Canyon, some riders may be tempted to test their rafting skills on the fast flowing river but they would be advised to rest up for the ...

The Pamir Highway

17 Days Adv-Challenging 1335 KmAVG 89 Km
The ride begins in Osh, Kyrgyzstan’s oldest city and home to one of Central Asia’s largest and busiest markets. The route heads south to the crossroads town of Sary Tash before heading west into Tajikistan, a remote country described by Lonely Planet as “a patchwork of self-contained valleys and ...

Silk Route

145 Days Mod-Advanced 13077 KmAVG 111 Km
Our 12,280 kilometre self-powered caravan begins in Bejing, China, the political and cultural centre of China and follows the northern Silk Route across mysterious lands, fiery deserts, and forbidding mountains. Almost 20 weeks later we arrive in faraway Istanbul, the majestic capitol of ...

Mongol Empire

22 Days Mod-Advanced 2015 KmAVG 100 Km
Leaving Ulan Bator and its urban comforts, the riders will now head west and will quickly find themselves off the pavement and into the northern wilds of the country. This is the Mongolia many people imagine; vast rolling steppes, coated in green, dotted with traditional yurts surrounded by ...

Tour d'Afrique

118 Days Mod-Advanced 11220 KmAVG 127 Km
Traveling through 10 countries in all, you will cycle along the Nile past ancient temples, through the Sudanese desert, and up and down the biblical landscapes of Ethiopia’s rugged Simian Mountains. After crossing the Equator in Kenya, you will pedal past legendary Mount Kilimanjaro, to Lake ...

Coconut Coast

23 Days Adv-Challenging 1790 KmAVG 94 Km
This section begins in Freetown, the capital of Sierra Leone, and home to one of the world’s most vibrant music scenes. A 3 day ride brings the cyclists to a rest day at Tiwai Island located in a wildlife sanctuary on the Moa River. The route then crosses back into Guinea before heading east ...

Fouta Djalon

13 Days Adv-Challenging 1350 KmAVG 112 Km
This exciting section begins in historic Dakar, the westernmost point in Africa. After enjoying some restful days on the city’s beautiful beaches playing soccer with the locals or just sun-bathing, the riders will spin inland, away from the Atlantic Ocean. Four days of cycling past ancient ...

Desert Coast

13 Days Moderate 1325 KmAVG 110 Km
This section begins in Dakhla, situated on a picturesque peninsula just north of the Tropic of Cancer. From here the riders will spin back to the mainland and turn their wheels south towards the border with Mauritania, one of the planet’s least visited countries and one that combines the culture ...

Atlas Mountains

17 Days Moderate 1760 KmAVG 125 Km
This section begins in legendary Casablanca. After spending a few days exploring the city’s incredible Hassan II Mosque and feasting on fresh seafood on the Boulevard de la Corniche, the riders will pedal south, up, up and into the High Atlas Mountains to the pink city of Marrakesh. A rest day ...

Kiwi Country

12 Days Moderate 915 KmAVG 83 Km
Riders will spin off through misty peaks and along placid bays before emerging onto the shores of the Tasman Sea. The west coast of New Zealand’s South Island is spectacular: the stunning Pancake Rocks, rushing rivers pouring into the ocean, snow-clad peaks, wild kiwis, the Fox & Franz Joseph ...

Maori Magic

12 Days Moderate 926 KmAVG 92 Km
After a day or two of sightseeing in this laid-back city, the riders will head south and be treated to some of the world’s most scenic highlights – Lake Taupo, Tongariro National Park and the hot springs/mud geysers around Rotorua. Next up is a rest day in Napier and the Hawke’s Bay wine region. ...

Wizards of Oz

13 Days Moderate 1245 KmAVG 113 Km
This section of our two-wheeled odyssey takes us across the much varied terrain of Oz’s south-east corner. After cycling through Gippsland Lakes Coastal Park, we leave the Tasman Sea behind, and climb over the Australian Alps on secondary roads, into the planned city of Canberra, the national ...

Great Ocean Road

11 Days Easy-Moderate 1060 KmAVG 117 Km
Our reluctance to leave Adelaide’s wine bars behind is quickly forgotten, as we cross the Murray River and cycle along the Limestone Coast through the fertile lagoon landscapes of Coorong National Park. We will wind our way past Discovery Bay to the whale watching centre of Warrnambool. The ...

Opals, Missiles & Vino

20 Days Moderate 1940 KmAVG 114 Km
Then it’s across the government-owned Woomera Prohibited Area, the western world’s largest ground and airspace weapons testing range, to the eerie village of Woomera, home to rocket scientists and a Missile Park. Our tran-Outback “rideabout” ends at Port Augusta, the “Crossroads of Australia ...

Bike the Outback

14 Days Moderate 1520 KmAVG 126 Km
After stocking up and making sure we have plenty of Fosters in the “eskie” (cooler) we’ll head off on the Stuart Highway and into the Outback, a vast tract of “scrublands, red desert sands, and galloping roadside Emus.” 300 km down the road our first rest day will be in the town of Katherine ...

Provence and the Costa Brava

9 Days Moderate 760 KmAVG 95 Km
If there is a birthplace to cycle tourism, it is Provence. The scenery is spectacular as we leave the glamorous city of Cannes and head inland across fertile hills, covered in olive groves and scented with the famous herbs de Provence. A rest day in Montpellier affords us a chance to walk Europe ...

Along the Riviera

17 Days Moderate 1380 KmAVG 106 Km
The Riviera has been the sanctuary of the rich and famous in Europe and beyond for centuries, it has also been home to some of cycling’s’ most famous races, such as Paris-Nice and Milan-San Remo. We’ll tackle these steep winding roads while we savour the view of the waters below. We’ll have rest ...

Alps and Adriatic

10 Days Easy-Moderate 800 KmAVG 88 Km
We’ll cycle into western Hungary where the riders may see remnants from the original basalt amber road construction of the ancient amber trade route. After spending a few days along the very popular and scenic Lake Balaton cyclists will cross into tiny Slovenia, possibly stopping to sample some ...

Amber Route

16 Days Easy-Moderate 1459 KmAVG 112 Km
Riders will spin across the forests of Southern Lithuania, possibly stopping for a dip in a Soviet-era spa. Crossing into Poland the tour will camp along some of the country’s most beautiful lakes before heading south to the capital of Warsaw. Another few days of cycling and sampling the ...

Zambezi Zone

9 Days Moderate 1215 KmAVG 151 Km
Presently, Zambia has huge wilderness parks off the beaten track and relatively little tourism. If your ideal trip is one with few tourists, fantastic scenery, friendly people, and lots of cycling, then the “Zone” can’t be beat. Once in Zambia you will ride across thinly populated ...

Masai Steppe

12 Days Mod-Advanced 1207 KmAVG 134 Km
South of Nairobi, you’ll spot the unmistakable Mount Kilimanjaro and its smaller sibling, Mount Meru, en route to Namanga and the border crossing into Tanzania. From there, it’s a day’s pedal to the rapidly growing and vibrant city of Arusha. As the gateway to such famous attractions as ...

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