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SpiceRoads Cycling

SpiceRoads Cycling

“See the World Differently”

We believe there's no better way to see the world than by bicycle. Because travel is about the journey and everything it encompasses, never just the destination. Experiencing the moment and place intensely, not chasing the next must-see sight. Discovering new things about the world, and yourself. Then returning home with experiences that remind you of what it means to be alive.

Since 1995 we've been sharing our passion for travelling by bicycle. Curating extraordinary cycle adventures in over 30 countries that give you the opportunity to get up close and personal with remarkable cultures, characters and landscapes in a way that no ordinary tour could.

We offer rides all over the world, on every type of terrain, for all ages and experience. From classic tours to epic cross country voyages, SpiceRoads adventures are for anyone who believes what we always have…

That nothing good ever happened inside a comfort zone. That immersing yourself in different cultures teaches you things you would never learn in a textbook. That you get out of life precisely what you put in. And that traveling isn't just about seeing the world, it's about changing how you see it.
Their Tours

Bike and Hike Georgia

12 Days Adv-Challenging 313 KmAVG 44 Km
Georgia is a slice of sumptuous beauty, sandwiched between Turkey and Russia on the coast of the Black Sea. We bike and hike the abundant geographical diversity of this country steeped in history as we adventure from the heart of wine country, past monasteries that have stood for centuries, to ...

Jewels of Persia

15 Days 636 KmAVG 63 Km
There's no shortage of culture and history on this tour through Persia, Iran's cultural heartland. Travel along ancient trade routes through the footsteps of one of the world's oldest civilizations. Take in the expansive desert landscape, sleeping under the tapestry of a starry night sky, and ...

Meandering The Mekong Delta

4 Days Easy-Moderate 150 Km
The mighty Mekong spreads into tentacles and tributaries in southern Vietnam, making the delta fertile and the region one of Vietnam's highest producers of rice, vegetables and fruits. Cycling through rice paddies, orchards, along and over a myriad of small irrigation canals will let you see a ...

Bike and Hike Wild Madagascar

15 Days Moderate 519 KmAVG 57 Km
Dubbed the “eighth continent”, Madagascar is one of the very few places on earth where plants and animals have evolved in isolation. With a variety of flora and fauna endemic only to its territory, this fourth largest island in the world has been recognised as a biodiversity hotspot by ...

Cu Chi Countryside

1 Days Easy 40 Km
An early departure by vehicle from Ho Chi Minh City takes us out of chaotic Saigon to the Cu Chi countryside where we begin cycling. Once on our bikes, we pedal through peaceful villages, fertile farmlands and quiet canals. We pay a visit to a pagoda to learn about Buddhism and spend time ...

Ancient Korea

10 Days Easy-Moderate 357 KmAVG 59 Km
South Korea - The Land of the Morning Calm - is steeped in contradictions and traditions. Craggy mountain ranges slope down to pristine beaches and bustling cosmopolitan cities are surrounded by serene farmland. Elements of Confucianism, practiced for a thousand years across several dynasties ...

Ho Chi Minh Trail

14 Days Moderate 754 KmAVG 68 Km
The Ho Chi Minh Trail was an elaborate system of mountain and jungle trails linking North Vietnam, South Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos during the Vietnam War against the United States. Today, the many paths of the Ho Chi Minh trail criss-cross the newly built Ho Chi Minh Highway. On this tour we ...

Koh Dach

1 Days Easy
Centered in the Mekong River, the small island of Koh Dach preserves the rich traditions of authentic Cambodian culture: village women weave by hand delicate silks, while, just down the orchard lane, monks wearing brilliant saffron robes collect morning alms. Local village life here exemplifies ...

Zoo Safari Explorer

2 Days Easy
After collecting you in Bangkok we make a short transfer to the Ancient City, a splendid gateway to Thai heritage. Here we cycle through time, discovering many of Thailand's enchanting attractions. Learn the quaint southern beliefs, experience central Thailand's way of life, and savour the ...

Chiang Mai Family Explorer

5 Days Easy
Chiang Mai is without a doubt one of the must-visit places in Thailand. Surrounded by green mountains and influenced by a charming Lanna way of life, this famous city is an ideal holiday destination for anyone who seeks a relaxed, back to nature holiday, with a fun mix of activities.

Chiang Mai Highlights

5 Hours Easy
This Chiang Mai half-day tour takes you on a memorable and informative tour of the city’s most interesting sights and beyond the city walls to see temples, markets and an ancient city. Some of these sights are well off the tourist track so you’ll get to see and experience a different Chiang Mai ...

Siem Reap's Countryside

1 Days Easy
On this trip we will start a leisurely ride on quiet roads along Siem Reap River, observing the close connection between the river and those that live on its banks. Our first stop will be to explore an ancient pagoda and learn about its importance to Siem Reap. We'll soon find ourselves riding ...

Kirirom Explorer

2 Days Moderate
Situated just 88 km south of Phnom Penh, stands Cambodian first National Park which once was King Sihanouk favourite retreat spot. Now, not only being a perfect getaway for locals, but Kirirom is also home to many animals; elephants, deers and wild pigs, live deep inside this green forest.

Oudong Escape

1 Days Easy
A day-long cycling retreat into the countryside, the Oudong trail reveals Cambodia's ancient beauty. Oudong was once Cambodia's capital, but when that title relocated to Phnom Penh the area of Oudong returned to simpler life composed largely of small villages, rice farmers and palm wineries ...

Koh Kret

Days Easy
Travel 20 kilometres north of Bangkok along the Chao Phraya River and you soon reach the island of Koh Kret. In 1722, during the reign of King Thaisa of Ayutthaya, the island was cut from an ox bow in the river and was previously known as "Khlong Lat Kret Noi" which means a shortcut to Kret ...

Ancient Lamphun

1 Days Easy
On the banks of the scenic Ping river, just five kilometers downstream of modern-day Chiang Mai, are the historic ruins of Wiang Khum Kham, the first Mon settlement dating back to the 11th century. Constructed as part of the Haripunchai kingdom this satellite town was ruined by floods and ...

Hanoi Explorer

1 Days Easy
Cycling on the banks of the Red River on a quiet dyke road we’ll pass through flower and vegetable gardens, village lanes and alongside lotus lakes to give you a whole new view of Vietnam’s capital city. We’ll meander around West Lake and stop at one of the most revered Buddhist pagodas in ...

Chiang Mai Pedal And Paddle Adventure

1 Days Easy
After an early morning start just outside Chiang Mai. We drive to visit a beautiful waterfall and begin our ride slowly as you get used to your bike on quiet country roads that take us through paddy fields, fruit orchards with backdrops of stunning mountains and on into the Sri Lanna National ...

Lanna Countryside

1 Days Easy
This one day ride takes us out to tranquil places where the water buffalo and ox are the tools of choice to plow the rice fields and transport the harvest. We see that family, friends and the Buddhist faith are what is important to Thai people and that a good crop and healthy lifestyle are what ...

Bangkok Countryside

1 Days Easy
A short drive east of Bangkok takes us to Minburi, one of the city's oldest and most interesting suburbs. Minburi is where the city and countryside collide to create a world of canals, ricefields and cottage industries. It is a place where Muslims and Buddhists live as they have for centuries ...

Luang Prabang Explorer

1 Days Easy
Explore intimate aspects of the countryside by off-road bicycle, where you will be greeted with interest from the locals as we ride from village to village, absorbing the serenity of Laos. We cycle off-road, exploring the area with several stops to take pictures before reaching the village of ...

Bangkok Of Old

10 Days Easy
Our Bangkok of Old tour explores several districts along Bangkok’s Chao Phraya River and lets you experience the serene way of life in the old Bangkok communities. What will we see? We begin our ride at The Royal Plaza with the view of The Grand Palace in our background, ride along Chao ...

Floating Market

1 Days Easy
This area is a dream to ride through. Starting with quick visit to Damnoen Saduak floating market, the biggest most colourful in Thailand, we take a longtail boat ride through a maze of canals cutting through local villages and various plantations. This eye-opening boat ride offers a glimpse of ...

Historic Ayutthaya

1 Days Easy
Towering chedis amidst crumbling ruins create the ancient city of Ayutthaya. Situated just north of Bangkok, Ayutthaya once claimed Thailand's capital, but that governance ended abruptly in 1767 when the city was sacked by Burmese invaders. Despite destruction, the ruins emanate the city's prior ...

Chiang Mai Night Ride

3 Hours Easy
What you will see? Meet us at SpiceRoads office and we'll take you on a magical tour of Chiang Mai. This old city never sleeps as we ride through small back roads and alley ways to see the lives of its people. Some fun started just after the sunsets, from a tranquil park where locals practice ...

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