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Are you waiting for an even better deal than normal before booking your next (or first!) bike tour? Then check out these special offers and contact the tour operator directly .

The Iranian Explorer

12 Days Moderate 610 KmAVG 67 Km Deal
Discover the hidden gems of Persia with our Iranian Explorer. Basing our adventure in the untouched northwest of Iran we have the perfect setting for that life changing Journey. Iran’s picturesque high mountains, lush forests, and beautiful coastline of the Caspian Sea, offer the perfect ...
SPECIAL:Receive 10% off full tour price if booked before 31st October 2018

The Asian Gateway

47 Days Mod-Advanced 3860 KmAVG 104 Km Deal
A map of Europe will never look the same again after you cycle across the entire continent west to east. The country count continuously ticks over as you edge your way towards our final destination Istanbul; the Gateway to Asia. This Journey really does have it all taking you from one ...
SPECIAL:10% off all 2019 tours if booked before September 30th 2018

The African Quest

35 Days Mod-Advanced 3095 KmAVG 110 Km Deal
A Mammoth Journeys classic, the Quest takes you through the heart of Europe cycling the length of France and Spain, before arriving into Tangier and then traversing across Morocco onto Marrakech. Lush rolling French countryside, arid Spanish mountains, and finally sparse Moroccan desert ...
SPECIAL:10% off the 2019 tour if booked before 30th September 2018

Along the Silk Road

24 Days Mod-Advanced 890 KmAVG 74 Km Deal
From early on, the silk roads functioned as a link between the East and the West on which both material goods and knowledge were exchanged. The cultural impact of the old trade routes was immense. Many of the ancient caravans which followed the silk roads either started or ended in the heart ...
SPECIAL:5% Early Bird discount if booked 6 months prior to departure

Scotland, The North

6 Days Adv-Challenging 360 MLSAVG 72 MLS Deal
The ultimate cycling adventure for riders looking to push themselves, following part of the famous North Coast 500 route in the North Highlands of Scotland. An intense five day tour designed to physically and mentally challenge you. 360 miles with 8000m of climbing against a backdrop of sea ...
SPECIAL:5% OFF. SAVE £135. Use code "GLOBAL" when booking.

Mallorca Training Camp

8 Days Mod-Advanced 50 MLS Deal Reviews
Service Course have been running cycling camps in Mallorca for several years now and know the quiet and challenging roads around their remote Finca in the Tramuntana World Heritage Mountain Range like the back of their hands. Our spring and winter training camps work for cyclists of all ...
SPECIAL:Save £100. Quote code: 'GLOBAL' when booking

Lionheart Odyssey - Venice to Paris

29 Days 2499 Km Deal
Richard the Lionheart is remembered as an iconic hero of the English-speaking world. It is little known, however, that he didn’t speak English, hated living in England and at one stage said: “I would sell London if I could find a buyer!” Our Lionheart tour promises to provide us with some of the ...
SPECIAL:For every full Lionhearter booked, Bike Odyssey donate $500 to the Chris O'Brien Lifehouse (a ...

Tilting at Windmills

11 Days Easy-Moderate 890 KmAVG 98 Km Deal
The German city of Munich, with its famed Hoofbräuhaus, which was established in 1589, is the start for the third and last section of The Odyssey. The route will take the riders out across Bavaria’s numerous bucolic towns, past grazing cows, through cool green forests and into quaint village ...
SPECIAL:Early payment discount if full payment is received 6 months before the start of the tour

Biking the Balkans

19 Days Mod-Advanced 1365 KmAVG 91 Km Deal
The Acropolis at dawn is the perfect spot to begin the ‘Balkan Ghosts’ section of The Odyssey. Here riders can gaze out over the city of Athens and contemplate their next 19 days on the road to Sarajevo. After cycling back down through the city’s awakening streets, the cyclists will head ...
SPECIAL:Early payment discount if full payment is received 6 months before the start of the tour

Alpine Adventure

16 Days Moderate 1260 KmAVG 96 Km Deal
The second section of The Odyssey begins in Sarajevo, a city situated beautifully on the Miljacka River and surrounded by the Dinaric Alps. Devastated during the 1990s Balkan war, it has almost completely recovered and is often referred to as the ‘Jerusalem’ of Europe for its cultural and ...
SPECIAL:Early payment discount if full payment is received 6 months before the start of the tour

Emilia Romagna/Marche Road Bike Holiday

8 Days Deal

SPECIAL:Book by 31/10/2018 to get your 15% discount!!!

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