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Spain Adventures
Contact Number:
International +1 772-564-0330
US/Canada Toll free +1 877-71-SPAIN
PO Box 643577
Vero Beach FL 32964
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Spain Adventures

Their Tours

Three City Treasure

9 Days Easy-Moderate
Narrow, shady streets with geranium covered balconies. Green terraces of olive trees that shimmer under the Mediterranean sun.  We travel across rolling hills that are ideal for cycling, exploring a counryside dotted with white-washed villages. The visit three major cities of Spain, Sevilla ...
Updated by CTG on 14 May 2014

The Alentejo-Portugal

8 Days Easy-Moderate
The tranquil way of life in the Alentejo makes it the perfect region for a biking holiday. On our way north we ride along the Spanish border, where the only traffic you’ll encounter is that of ox-drawn carts and shepherds.  A common sight will be that of  the elderly women in traditional black ...
Updated by CTG on 14 May 2014

La Rioja Wine Valley

8 Days
A treasure trove of history and traditions, folklore and fiestas, sports and health resorts, there is much to see and do in La Rioja. It’s varying geographical features, mountainous in the Upper (Alta) Rioja and flat with almost Mediterranean climate in the Lower Rioja (Baja), lends itself to a ...
Updated by CTG on 14 May 2014

La Costa de la Luz Coast of Andalucia

8 Days Easy-Moderate
Blue seas, savory sherry, exotic Moorish culture and the incredible sunsets together make up the magic that is the Coast of Andalucia “Coast of Light”. Bike rolling terrain past the fields of wheat, warm beaches, oak and pine tree forest, grazing bulls and lots and lots of sunflowers in the ...
Updated by CTG on 14 May 2014

El Camino De Santiago II

15 Days Easy-Moderate
The Road to Santiago is also called the Way of St. James and with all of its spiritual significance is arguably the backbone of European cultural un
Updated by CTG on 14 May 2014

El Camino De Santiago I

14 Days Adv-Challenging
Join us on Europe’s most fascinating Pilgrimage. Ride with our small group as we follow the scallop shell posts pointing the way to Santiago, past Celtic huts, Romanesque bridges and the “mesetas of Leon”. Uphill climbs; winding downhill runs; the Camino de Santiago is a tour that gives you ...
Updated by CTG on 14 May 2014

Andalucia Adventure Bike Tour

8 Days Easy-Moderate
Given its location at the western end of the Mediterranean, it’s not surprising that so many cultures – Moors, Visigoths, Romans and Greeks – have crossed paths in the southernmost part of Spain. This Andalucia Adventure Bike Tour follows the paths of the Caliphs and of Washington Irving, author ...
Updated by CTG on 14 May 2014

A Natural Wonder

8 Days Moderate
So much to see, incredible rides, meals to please the most demanding palate, truly a fiesta every day!  Puerto Santa Maria to San Roque through some of the most beautiful scenery in Spain.
Updated by CTG on 14 May 2014

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