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Pedal. Stretch. Breathe. Tantalising Tuscany.
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Luggage Transfer, Mechanical
7 days
On-road, Flat (mostly), (Some) Hills, Quiet Roads
Bike Options:
Non-rider option, Bike included, Luxury, Centre Based
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Tour Distance & Dates
Riding Days:
Jun, Sep
16 to 23 June 2018
1 to 8 September 2018
Tour Operator:
SoulFit Adventures
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Pedal. Stretch. Breathe. Tantalising Tuscany.

7 Days Moderate Reviews

Sometimes, it takes a special place in your life and the right setting to unravel and just let go. Soulfit Adventures offers an exquisite opportunity to do just that in Tuscany.

There is something about Tuscany. It has a way of enveloping you, of transporting you from the everyday and it makes you feel as if you are living life in slow motion. The rest of the world disappears. Tuscany has a magic, a special power, an unknown quantity that seeps into every part of your being and seduces in the best possible way.

Imagine weaving your way through the intimate and untouched cycling trails in and around Lucca, whilst immersing yourself in the essence of history and nature. Each day is different, taking you into the local off the beaten tracks to discover what waits. Your body being guided through yoga to prepare you for the bike, or a restorative yoga sequence late in the day to soothe tired legs. Fresh, authentic local foods prepared lovingly to nourish and delight you.

The bike is freedom. It allows you to travel the roads less travelled, taking in the sights and scents —the crunching of the gravel below your tires or the soothing hum as you glide over fresh pavement – you just don’t experience the world the same way by foot, car, or plane.

Our Tuscan cycling and yoga retreat offers you the chance to reconnect with your self and let go. Nestled in boutique luxury accommodation on a private estate, setting the backdrop for morning or evening yoga as we cycle the days into bliss. You will relish in cuisine of fresh local produce and wine, absorbing the sights – a pure delight for the senses - Tuscan style!

Soulfit Adventures believes flow is the secret to fun. It occurs when we are so engaged in something that we lose all track of time. We don’t notice anything at all because we are so immersed in a task that is at once optimally challenging and absorbing. Some of our most immersive, flow experiences occur on the bike and our yoga mats.

Worried that the cycling and/or yoga might be too difficult? Don’t be. The cycling is moderate but designed to challenge you (it’s all part of the fun!), and the yoga is suitable for all levels. If you are more experienced on the bike, we can definitely challenge you! Non riding and non yoga partners are welcome to share the adventure with you.

We take a very holistic approach to our active retreats and design itineraries that create a balance where you will encounter opportunities that will engage your body, mind, and spirit. Whatever you seek on your Tuscan journey, you will experience La Dolce Vita, the sweet life and go home with a renewed sense of vitality and a restored approach to life.

We know you deserve a remarkable life in magical places… Adventure awaits!
Double Occupancy / Twin Share
Single Supplement: Available on Request
Booking Conditions
A non-refundable, non-transferable deposit of Euro 500 is due for each person upon registration.
Group Deal: Available on Request
*SoulFit Adventures Retreat Leader
*7 nights luxury boutique accommodation
*All linen and towels supplied
*Sumptuous breakfast everyday with fresh juices
*Dinners at villa five nights
*One dinner inclusive at a local restaurant with local wine
*Celebratory dinner at the villa on the last night
*One lunche at villa
*Meals include fish, meat, and vegetarian options and either vegetables, salad, bread, local cheeses or fruit
*Qualified yoga instructor for daily yoga
*6 days hire of
*all airfares (the nearest airport to the estate is Pisa or Florence)
*meals not listed in the above package
*travel insurance yoga mat, blocks, straps, bolsters etc
*additional excursions or activities not listed in the above package
*incidentals and other travel related expenses
Overall Rating

Ratings and Reviews

User's Rating:
Great group dynamics, beautiful scenery, lovely villa, a trip of a lifetime! Thank you so much also for your fantastic yoga classes!!! Lastly, I must say to you that I thought you did a fantastic job, I loved every day, and I loved meeting all those amazing human beings (you included). I was quite aware that I was the oldest person in the group and that I am in a completely different chapter in my life than everyone else but thank God, it really didn’t matter. Another highlight was the massage by Isa ……… I doubt I’ll ever have another as good. Jennie Kenny June 2014
By: SoulFit Adventures
25/11/2014 04.04 PM
User's Rating:
This is a fantastic active holiday! Virginia's strong yoga classes combined with a beautiful villa, incredible countryside and a fun group made the perfect vacation for me. SoulFit adventures has established a very talented local connection in Lucca from the hosts at Villa Menocchi, the transportation, to the experts at Chrono Bikes. Top notch all the way! Kathy McAlpine - Terpstra June 2014
By: SoulFit Adventures
25/11/2014 03.57 PM