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SoulFit Adventures
Contact Number:
Mobile/cell +61 407 788 600
11 Pulver Street
Hamilton South NSW 2303
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SoulFit Adventures

SoulFit Adventures

For trail-blazers and freedom-seekers, Soulfit Adventures specialises in cycling and yoga retreats that send you on the path to discovery of the mind, body and soul. We fuse our love of cycling, yoga and retreat-style luxury and take you on a journey to exotic destinations around the world, where together we will escape routine, embrace new experiences, and go on an adventure to explore a new world. Soulfit Adventures Cycling & Yoga Retreats in Italy, Spain, Cambodia and Bali.
Their Tours

Pedal. Stretch. Breathe. Spectacular Spain.

7 Days Moderate
Soulfit Adventures is thrilled to be heading to Spain, Girona with our signature cycling and yoga retreat - Hola ESPANA!! ​ Why Girona? Because the city and it's surrounding areas are some of the most romantic, gorgeous, unspoilt places in Europe. The ancient Catalan city Girona, with its ...

Pedal. Stretch. Breathe. Tantalising Tuscany.

7 Days Moderate Reviews
Sometimes, it takes a special place in your life and the right setting to unravel and just let go. Soulfit Adventures offers an exquisite opportunity to do just that in Tuscany. ​ There is something about Tuscany. It has a way of enveloping you, of transporting you from the everyday and it ...

Pedal. Stretch. Breathe. Captivating Cambodia

12 Days Moderate
Soulfit Adventures offers a 12 day cycling and yoga holiday in Cambodia in 2016. What a way to experience Cambodia! Days spent exploring the heart of this country at handlebar height, with evening or morning yoga sessions to put you at peace with your surrounds. You might come to see Angkor Wat, ...

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