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Siem Reaper
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Sangkat Sla Kram
Siem Reap
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Siem Reaper

Siem Reaper

Siem Reaper has years of experience in making local activities accessible to travellers by providing unique trips tailored to the individual. At Siem Reaper they understand the challenges and aim to bridge the gap between locals and travellers and facilitate participation in local activities. They want travellers to gain an unforgettable and insightful experience – that is why they value the needs to the individual and do what they can to achieve this.

Siem Reaper has a wide selection of activities that have been carefully selected to provide the best cultural and educational experiences whilst serving the locals. You have the power to choose a trip that matches your interests, to engage in activities that are safe and interact with the local way of life. These trips are designed to inspire cultural exchanges and equip you with insight into the real Cambodia.
Their Tours

Siem Reap Sunset Ride

4 Hours 25 Km
If you have an afternoon to spare and are looking for something to do other than the temples why not join Siem Reapers Sunset Ride. On this tour, you will have a great ride out of the hustle and bustle of Siem Reap’s downtown to the wonderful views of Siem Reap’s countryside through paddy fields ...
Verified by Siem Reaper on 22 Jun 2017

Bike the Siem Reap Countryside

4 Hours 25 Km
Going for a bike ride through the beautiful Siem Reap countryside is breathtaking. This is a unique way to experience Siem Reap away from the madness of the temples and downtown. It provides the opportunity to see a different perspective and immerse yourself in the local community. You will be ...
Verified by Siem Reaper on 22 Jun 2017

Bike the Angkor Sunrise

8 Hours Moderate 35 Km
Siem Reap – known as the Angkorian City- is where you can find the famous Angkor Wat temple. Angkor Wat dates back to the 11th Century and provides the perfect spot to see the sunrise above the shrines. Bike the Angkor Sunrise tour is designed for anyone who is looking to learn about ...
Verified by Siem Reaper on 22 Jun 2017

The Angkor Storyteller

6 Days 35 Km
The largest and most famous temple is Angkor Wat. Today, Angkor Wat is depicted on Cambodia’s national flag as the temple symbolizes the soul of the Khmer people. Come and discover this must-see attraction and seize the opportunity to learn about the heart of the Cambodian culture through our ...

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