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Siciclando Active Holidays
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Siciclando Active Holidays

The Siciclando Family welcomes you to Italy, to our home. Our guides are Italian, so Italy really is our home, which makes a difference in your experience.

We choose all elements of our tours carefully, including our guides. Charm. The ability to coordinate and oversee many details at once. Responsiveness. Passion. Commitment. Someone who easily connects with people and makes the daily discoveries enjoyable and authentic. That’s our focus. And we regularly hear from our guests that their connection with our guides quickly becomes friendship.

At Siciclando, we connect you with the people, places, and traditions that mean something to us. Our home. Our passion. Your experience. That is the Siciclando difference. Join a tour with us…and join the Siciclando family.
Their Tours

Sicily Baroque

8 Days Easy-Moderate
Enter a different century, an ancient world as you explore the beautiful baroque towns of Sicily. Ragusa, Noto, and Syracuse will enchant you with elaborately designed palaces and churches easily discovered at the end of narrow, winding streets. You will also discover the popular Modica ...
Updated by CTG on 23 Sep 2015

Sardinia Sea and Mines

8 Days Moderate 242 Km
The varied landscape of Sardinia makes it a stunning place to travel – even more of an adventure on bike. Our tour focuses on the southwest corner of the island where we will cycle past quaint fishing villages and farms, sandy beaches and rolling hills, ancient sites and pink flamingos. A unique ...
Updated by CTG on 18 Apr 2014

Hill Towns of Umbria

8 Days Moderate 257 Km
Great biking laced with the gentle spirit and artistry of Umbria. Quiet, rolling bike rides are punctuated with stays in quaint villages such as Assisi, home of Saint Francis, where you will see the beautiful basilica that honors him. Visit the potters and lace-makers of this region, still using ...
Updated by CTG on 18 Apr 2014

Basilicata: Forests and Ravines

8 Days Moderate 517 Km
Basilicata charms you slowly. This tour begins with the Sassi of Matera, old dwellings and rock churches carved centuries ago out of the steep cliffs. Today it is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Bike through the varied landscape of Basilicata with ancient forests, rolling hills covered with grain ...
Updated by CTG on 18 Apr 2014

Tuscany and Umbria: Cycling the soul of Italy

9 Days Moderate 359 Km
Discover the heart and soul of Italy biking through the beautiful region from the Umbrian village of Torgiano to the Tuscan treasure of Siena and all of the adventure in between. Biking Tuscany and Umbria is enhanced by wonderful side trips to towns that offer unique experiences — the spirit of ...
Updated by CTG on 18 Apr 2014

Maremma Bike Tour

8 Days Easy-Moderate 251 Km
Bike Tuscany where you are a part of the perfection and harmony of this glorious place. Cycle through picturesque landscapes, visit historically authentic villages, and enjoy the amazing flavors of this region. Siciclando’s Maremma Bike Tour puts you in touch with a quieter part of Tuscany, an ...
Updated by CTG on 18 Apr 2014

Hills and Sea Biking

8 Days Moderate 304 Km
Sicily’s strategic position, in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea, lying between Europe and Africa, linking the eastern and western Mediterranean and the Latin World with the Greek resulted in it being not only the prized possession of foreign powers in its tumultuous history, but also a ...
Updated by CTG on 17 Apr 2014

Sicily Three Ways

8 Days 314 Km
Join Siciclando for a week along the eastern coast of Sicily. Enjoy visits to Catania and Siricusa. Explore the charming baroque villages of Noto and Ragusa Ibla. Bike Sicily’s quiet Iblei countryside nestled among mountains and orange groves. Cycle along seaside routes that take you towards ...
Updated by CTG on 17 Apr 2014

Sicily by the Sea

8 Days 232 Km
Discover western Sicily’s sea and shore with a collection of our favorite places and experiences – linked by bike and boat. Bike along sapphire blue coasts, a patchwork of fields, and vineyards where you will discover yourself at ancient sites, charming villages, and treasures from the sea ...
Updated by CTG on 17 Apr 2014

Cycling Tuscany Hills

8 Days Moderate 244 Km
This biking tour is a trip through time, from the Etruscan tombs to ancient Roman ruins, from Medieval hill towns to Renaissance basilicas. It also offers a great diversity of landscapes, from the vineyard covered hills of Chianti and Brunello to the barren geometrical cypress-crested mounds of ...
Updated by CTG on 17 Apr 2014

Amalfi Coast and Cilento National Park

9 Days Moderate 303 Km
Find yourself biking the Amalfi Coast of Italy amongst rugged mountains that hug the coastline and the deep blue sea. Discover the secrets of Pompeii on a guided visit. Explore Cilento National Park with isolated areas, protected beaches, caves, flowering plants and animals that are nearly ...
Updated by CTG on 17 Apr 2014

A Taste of Sicily Biking and Hiking

9 Days Easy-Moderate 165 Km
This is Siciclando’s most popular bike tour and best showcases the diversity and richness of Sicily – seaside bike routes, ancient towering temples, charming towns, and the power of the volcanoes. You’ll begin this tour in Sicily’s capital, Palermo, where you will explore its layers of history ...
Updated by CTG on 17 Apr 2014

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