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Affiliate Program

An awesome way for you to get more people cycling and to for us to promote and give back to cycling and cycle tourism.

Are you from a cycling organisation or perhaps a cycling or travel blogger and are interested in:
  • Getting more people riding bikes
  • Earning a new income stream
  • Promoting cycle tourism
  • Supporting our mission as a non-commercial* independent cycle tourism promoter
This affiliate program differs from most in that it is not related to sales or bookings. Cycle Tours Global (CTG) does not sell tours nor receive any financial incentive or commission from bookings. However there is some income from tour operators from having premium listings on the site and that is what we will be sharing with you.

We will only invite or accept into this program websites whose goals or missions are complementary to our own - that is about cycling, travel or preferably both. If you would like to apply please contact us. Entry to the program is also limited by our availablity of funds so we reserve the right to decline or postpone approval of an application on these grounds.

Cycle Tours Global


The program is very simple:
  • Sign and return our short affiliate agreement
  • Use the affiliate URL we supply - this can be general, by location (e.g. Scotland) or any tour type (e.g. E-bike or Sport)
    • With a banner wherever you deem it most useful in your website
    • As a link or hyperlinked text in a blog, article, social media post, newsletter or however you like!
    • On a dedicated cycle tours page with your own content or narrative
Features and rules of the program:
  • Payment, or your earnings, will be per click (EPC) at up to USD 0.40 (or equivalent in AUD, GBP, EUR, CAD or NZD as appropriate) - plus GST in Australia
  • The banner or affiliate link may be promoted to your members or users - in fact this is encouraged!
  • Multiple clicks from the same location and session will be ignored
  • Fair use principles apply and any abuse thereof may lead to suspension or termination of the agreement
Banner messages and options:
               Women Only bike tours                          Sports bike tours

An alternative to using banners is to have a dedicated cycle tour page on your site using our embedded iframe (see as a example). This has the advantage on retaining your users on your own website.

* Any and all profits will be reinvested in cycling and cycle tourism iniatives and organisations - such as this affiliate program.