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Serk is a bike culture space in Beijing

Serk organize bicycle events

Serk provide marketing services and helps introduce brands to the Chinese market

Taking a cue from the shapes that form the bicycle, Serk is derived from the abbreviation of the word circle, circ.

Serk is about more than just the form of the bicycle – its also a reference to the bicycle renaissance taking place across the world. In some of the world’s most progressive cities the bicycle has come full circle and is again a popular form of urban transportation.

Beijing with its fixation on cars and negative social attitude towards bicycle commuting has a tremendous way to go before it reaches this point.

At the same time China’s middle class are searching out new recreational and sporting activities. Recreational and racing cycling activities are attracting new people to bikes and promoting a positive modern image of the bicycle – these are the first steps to help the bicycle to go full circle in China.

Serk nestles comfortably between promoting utility, recreational and racing cycling – all of which are fundamental to promoting a bicycle renaissance in China.
Their Tours

Tibet and Nepal Road Cycling Trip

14 Days Adv-Challenging 700 KmAVG 58 Km
This trip is a once in a lifetime experience – a chance to surround yourself in the ancient cultures of Tibet and ride through its stunning landscapes on your road bike. Tibet has for centuries evoked images of a lost Shangri La. To this day, it’s stunning Himalayan views, high plateau ...

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