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USA Custom Tours Tailored Just For You!
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Anywhere you'd like!
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3 days
Off-road (unsealed), On Road, Flat (mostly), (Some) Hills, Big climbs, Some traffic, Quiet Roads
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Custom, bespoke or private tour
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On Request
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Jan, Feb, Mar, Apr, May, Jun, Jul, Aug, Sep, Oct, Nov, Dec
It's your ride on your schedule!
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Sentio Cycling
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USA Custom Tours Tailored Just For You!

Inspired Development | Creative Production | Unparalleled Support | CUSTOM CYCLING EVENTS

3 Days

We partner with our clients to design the perfect tour for your group's personality. Your dates! Your abilities! Your Ride! At Sentio Cycling, we design, develop, produce and support custom cycling tours for unique corporate events, successful charity fundraisers and adventurous private groups. Whether it's the organic camaraderie that is built from stepping outside the conference room, the desire to create an event that increases your fundraising efforts while connecting supporters more closely to your cause, or simply the dream of discovering a new area of the world on two wheels with your friends, we know that the smallest touches make the biggest differences in transforming a great ride into a SENTIO experience.
We can design every aspect of the tour, including transportation, route development, site inspections, SAG support, mechanics, shuttles, accommodations, meals, out-of-the-saddle activities, and more...
Or, we can come in a la carte and focus only on the aspects that your particular group needs assistance with.
YES! With it being a ride designed specifically for you, you have all the options in the world!
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