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Senait Ethiopia Tours
Contact Number:
+251 930014376
+251 911943812
Bole Road, Addis Ababa
Woreda 05, house number 191
Addis Ababa Ethiopia 29977
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Senait Ethiopia Tours

Senait Ethiopia Tours

Senait Ethiopia Tours is one of the best equipped tour operator in Ethiopia provides, tailor made , packages tours and family adventure holidays.
Their Tours

ROAD TO LALIBELA ,The Hidden 8th Wonder of the World

13 Days Easy
Lalibela is a town in Amhara Region famous for monolithic rock-cut churches.The whole of Lalibela offers an exceptional testimony to the medieval and post-medieval civilization of Ethiopia. Lalibela is one of Ethiopia's holiest cities, second only to Aksum, and a center of pilgrimage. Unlike ...
Updated by Senait Ethiopia Tours on 20 Aug 2014

The best Biking in the Ethiopian desert

15 Days Adv-Challenging 1200 KmAVG 85 Km
The best Biking to the desert This trip includes the biking to Danakil Depression, the active volcano ( Ert’ale), tha salt lake of Afdera and the Gheralta cluster Rock hewn churches.
Updated by Senait Ethiopia Tours on 14 Aug 2014

Biking in Semien Mountain - Ethiopia

8 Days Easy-Moderate
It is the highlight the most interesting and memorable biking tours to, Mota, Bahirdar, Tsis Abay, Gonder, Debark, Semien Mountain and the surrounding attraction. Program Day 01, Drive and Bike Addis/Mota ( 2,500 m average) Day 02, Bike Mota/Bahirdar ( 2000-2500m) Day 03, Bahirdar ...
Updated by Senait Ethiopia Tours on 14 Aug 2014

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