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Scuola di Mountain Bike Rampikino
Contact Number:
Manager +39 3925815419
Manager +39 3358076190
Via Poschiavo 28
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Scuola di Mountain Bike Rampikino

Scuola di Mountain Bike Rampikino

Guided cycling tours (On/Off road)
Skill center management
Mountain Bike instructors
in Tirano (Valtellina) - in the middle of italian Alps, only 3 km from the Switzerland border
Their Tours

The path of Castles - Sentiero dei Castelli

5 Hours Mod-Advanced 45 Km
The Path of Castles involving eight municipalities in the mountain community of Tirano (Tirano, Sernio, Lovero, Vervio, Tovo S. Agata, Mazzo di Valtellina, Grosotto, Grosio) connecting them with a fascinating journey through churches, castles, towers and archaeological finds of great importance ...

Autumn Bike Tour

5 Hours Moderate 45 Km
Excursion from Tirano to Teglio, through the Valtellina Path, the towns of Villa di Tirano and Bianzone with their apple tree. And then the typical terraced vineyards

Alta Rezia Bike Tour

2 Days Mod-Advanced 120 KmAVG 60 Km

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